It’s Coming, Part Three. ….. Magical Fun Chez The Pads. …

It’s Coming, Part Three.

Magical Fun Chez The Pads.

A Ted Tale

The arrival of a Giant Pumpkin in the Pads Garden filled Cossette’s furry head with all sorts of ideas for tasty Autumn soups, but Pumpkin had other ideas!

A time of magical visits had begun, at night time as well as during the day.

On the night following Pumpkin’s arrival, Percy flew in on MC1* and landed on top of the Giant Pumpkin. As he looked around, everything was bathed in a golden glow, but this orangey effect was somehow warm and soft, unlike that of the sinister Orange Sky that had preceded it a few days before. Following Percy, other Teds came along to visit their Garden and meet the Giant Pumpkin.

[*Magic Carpet One]

Tiny Tigger Ted chatted to an old Pumpkin friend from years ago, whilst Lady Ted stared, mesmerised by its glowing eyes. Kumba David had his camera ready to snap the fun.

Tom, Dick, Harriet and Jonah Teds popped in that same night with Percy, and Tom chatted with Papier-mâché Ted, sitting next to a little pumpkin, who complained that no one had painted any colours on him yet. Tom promised that he would see what he could do.

There was definitely a growing number of little Pumpkins around the dark garden. Some lit up and glowed with delight when Teds chatted with them.

As the day dawned other Teds awoke and came to the Pads Garden to see what was happening. Tangerine Ted was ecstatic : “Giant Pumpkin matches my colour!” he said, and promptly climbed on top of it and glowed.

During the day Teds continued to flock to the Garden. Pammee, a Lemur Ted, came and immediately wanted to sit on top of Pumpkin too …..

….. so she did!

Both TT and Pammee were having a lovely time in the garden. Some of the Portuguese Teds came along with their guitars and strummed quietly in corners to a growing crowd of admiring friends who hummed along with them, or sang if they knew the words.

Afternoon turned to evening and a party of happy Teds sat around and sang with the guitar players in the soft light of little glowing pumpkins .

They sat and sang from one side of the garden, to another, around the Giant Pumpkin, until gradually they all fell asleep and only the Pumpkins were left awake, softly glowing in the dark of the night.


Anne ….. October, 2017


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  1. Looks magical, Anne and you’ve obviously had great fun too :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Jane … do love messing about in in my ‘ other world space’ ;-) :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    :lol: Hopefully, the best is yet to come Susie? ;-) :rose:

  4. dixon says:

    Certainly pumpkin time gertie. :-)

  5. gertie says:

    I love Pumpkin time Dixon… any excuse for a bit of magic ;-) :walt: :rose:

  6. dixon says:

    Didnt grow any this year what with downsizing gertie. :rose: Kids usually nick em anyway. :dunno:

  7. gertie says:

    I didn’t either Dixon … started too late and still have a little plant struggling out there .. too late! :bad: But still, found a cracker in Sainsbury’s for my stories tho’ doubt if it will make soup :lol: Shame on the nicking children :bad: :rose:

  8. Beanstew says:

    Overcome with admiration at your powers of memory as usual, Anne. How you manage to remember all their names is frankly incredible. If I was writing these stories, I’d probably have to give them all new, different names every time I wrote about them, and everyone would end up totally confused. I hope they all have a lovely Hallow’een – it was one of my favourite times of the year when I was young – and I’m sure you will give them a great party.

  9. gertie says:

    :lol: I’ll let you into little secret or three Sheila ;-) Many Teds have their names discreetly written on a tag somewhere tucked into a shirt or summat. Those with tags cut off are often the earlier ones which/who? have been in lots of stories and are ‘old friends’ so I tend to remember them. We have a ‘law’ at the Pads which says that names can be changed where required for whatever reason, so when I forget one I can occasionally give a new name, as I am hopeless at remembering names … it’s my worst Achilles Heel :-( :confused: :excruciating:
    I hope that they will all have a great Hallowe’en Party in the best non-religious/ commonly accepted mode … working on it ;-) … and I hope that you have a Happy Hallowe’en soon too :love: :rose:

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