Gertie’s Garden Diary, October 2017

Gertie’s Garden Diary,  October 2017

Freckles is back :-) I love Freckles.

The garden is awaiting a massive overhaul which this lazy owner will eventually get around to! It’s a jungle out there, albeit a pleasantly exuberant and colourful one! Flowering plants have been given free rein to take hold, and they have, which is lovely in some ways but gives me the age-old bugbear of needing to trim some back, a job I dislike. Hey ho, needs must. Anyway, I have made a pictorial record of Iittle jewels dotted about, and here it is.

The relatively new Variegated Wallflower is spreading and reflowering well and Begonias are still blooming in all sorts of corners … chaotic but nice.

Do like my Pelargoniums.

Not all blue but brightening up Blue Hill nonetheless.

I have taken several pictures of the Honeysuckle which is at its best right now, and that’s a bit sad, because it has ALL to come down very soon and that space cleared for a new bed … am thinking Broad beans and later, Squash, up poles?!

I had to go into next door’s garage to see this flowering Clematis yesterday, and I tidied up the pavement/roadside growth … [ three empty drink cans and chip wrapping bags this time on our side of the fence, IN the garden  :-(  ]

Looking up, another pink rose … that has to be a Climber!… and outside: …..

….. Salad flowers(?) and ‘Privet Grapes’ for the birds?

It’s been a gorgeous day today, and am hopeful for another, tomorrow when I shall finish clearing the Cold Frame for future seedlings, and a new produce bed to take them … so watch for the space where once Honeysuckle grew.

Anne ….. October 25th, 2017.

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  1. Some much still in bloom, your gardn is such a microclimate :good: I look forward to further updates and pics, it’s quite exciting, I have been digging up various plants in the big main flower bed over the last couple of weeks, as they are either now to big or have not flowered well, I have taken cuttings for other areas where plants are allowed to grown a bit wilder, I’m replacing them with more bee friendly plants as it seems at this time of the year the bee’s are focusing on the garden flowers more :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Yes, it’s like a mad last-minute-Bees-rush towards Winter isn’t it :lol: Have had such a busy day today, am hoping for good weather and more garden time tomorrow. :good: Am wondering how much the ‘micro-climate ‘ will be affected by the loss of the Sycamore Tree. :confused: :rose:

  3. Lovely photos, Anne! I had lots of bees on the nasturtiums yesterday and I’ve got spring flowers appearing again…

  4. Beanstew says:

    Still lots of colour, Anne. I know how you feel about the louts who lob their rubbish over your hedge and into the garden. I get some of those too, and wish I could lie in wait to confront them in the act. I don’t have so much in flower as you, but marvel at my nicotiana which has flowered for three months as others have come and gone.

  5. gertie says:

    Oh Yes Sheila … Nicotiana :good: must acquire some :-) I remember that it has a lovely scent and there are so many different colours too aren’t there? Wonder if it has blue yet :confused: :-)
    Did think of setting up the camera Sheila, but doubtless they’d spot it and nick it :lol: Anyway, what then? If I posted pictures of litter louts on my garden fence with a warning or request I would probably get even worse litter. Had thought of a bin but don’t suppose they’d know how to use it :confused: :excruciating: :lol: I don’t relish outright war so I’ll just go on clearing up after them.

  6. cilla says:

    Lots of lovely colour Anne. Litter louts……… ladylike words to describe them :angry:

  7. gertie says:

    Had a good stint today Cilla, before the rain got heavier …lazy rain my Mum called it “Goes right through you Anne, instead of round you!” Plus Baby stopped play in the midst of everything and then it was lunchtime, then a trip to the Gym to drop off Dom, then a quick pop into Hobbycraft for some lights … am hoping the batter I prepared earlier for pancakes is edible…rather old eggs :confused:
    Anyway, I have a bag of daffodil bulbs, and still have to find some decent Tulips then, weather permitting, it’s out into G’sG again :lol: :rose:

  8. Ginnybean says:

    Love your pics…. I also am planning to clear my Honeysuckle as it has taken over, the clematis is still flowering well and through the honeysuckle so I will wait until the weather upsets it before I attack that job… I hate cutting things back when they are giving me such a lovely show… My teasels are ready to be cut and will leave a good space… Some have little seedlings growing in them… I also have a primrose flowering under the raspberries which have been fruiting well( not that I get any as the dogs pinch them as soon as they appear…)

  9. gertie says:

    Hallo Ginny … thanks for those reassuring comments, as I hate cutting and hard pruning too, and it’s nice to have an ally :lol: :confused: Also I love the way teasels sprout from within themselves … fascinating plants! bet your garden is lovely :good:

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