Pumpkin Wakes Up. ….. Part Four of, ‘It’s Coming’

Pumpkin Wakes Up.

Part Four of, ‘It’s Coming’

In mid October a very large pumpkin appeared in the Pads Garden.

Pumpkin evoked much curiosity and Robinson Ted and TT were especially impressed.

TT loved its glowing orange skin … It was a beautiful pumpkin … was it chocolate-coloured inside, like this little fella, they wondered?

Pammee was another Ted who liked clambering up to sit on top of Pumpkin.

Days seemed to be diminishing and outside, up in the sky, the moon was growing, and clouds were celebrating the Autumn fest.

During this time Teds were gathering in the Pads Garden and more and more pumpkins were arriving to join in the fun.

There was a feeling of something approaching, although nobody knew what, and it certainly didn’t cloud the atmosphere. Once, they even thought they had heard Pumpkin utter two words, “Not yet!” but no one was sure.

After long evenings of music and partying, Teds fell asleep next to their new friend, quite happy with the sense that Pumpkin, great big Pumpkin, was there keeping watch over them all … spooky? ….. maybe a little.

…… Outside clouds frolicked!


Pumpkin had gone to Anne’s kitchen to prepare itself for its most important fest.

Robinson and Squidge went with Pumpkin to keep it company.

“Doesn’t it hurt to have this hole cut in you?” worried Squidge?

” I had toothache: that’s gone now!” breathed Pumpkin, relieved.

Pumpkin was wet and sticky inside.

Squidge crawled into the cavernous hole!

“Ugh! It’s blood-red in here!” he squeaked!

With his jaw ache gone, Pumpkin suddenly smiled.

“Hallo,” he called out, with a big, toothy grin! …”Wow! hallo!” said Squidge.

Pumpkin spun round to see the two Teds, anxiously watching it.

“Just a bit more changing, then I’ll be ready to return to the Pads garden.” It said.

Robinson and Squidge stared at Pumpkin.

“You look okay, if a bit messy!” said Squidge bluntly

Robinson agreed, swishing some of Pumpkin’s innards of his rump!

“Let’s go back to the Pads Garden,” urged Robinson.

“No wait! I can see well enough,” said Pumpkin, ” But my forehead still feels stiff!”

“Ah yes,” giggled cheeky Squidge, “Eyebrows!”

So Pumpkin got its eyebrows carved, and after that it felt more animated.

The Teds climbed down and it spun round again and grinned at them.

“Do I look scary?” it asked, grinning and baring its teeth.

” No, not especially,” Said Squidge, ” But you do have dirty teeth! Do you want to look scary? ”

“No,” said Pumpkin, “I want to go home to the Pads Garden.”

Pumpkin didn’t particularly want to look scary … it was too happy at the Pads to really frighten anyone ….. Pumpkin was ready.

It looked at its seeds, rinsed and waiting to dry and was glad

Anne ….. October … 2017.


Remembering ‘Babyface’ who must have grown quite a fair few good pumpkins in his short, happy life ….. RIP Adam.


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