It’s Coming, Part Five ….. Hallowe’en …..

It’s Coming, Part Five.


A Ted Tale.

Teds were enjoying their partying in the Pads Garden.

After singing and strumming late into the small hours, Teds drifted off to sleep In the garden. No one, except the little pumpkins, noticed Pumpkin lighting up!

The following morning found some of them waking under blankets kindly thrown over them as they slept, and next to them …..

….. Pumpkin had woken up as well.

“Goodness, what big teeth you have!” said a rather fearful Green Ted.

“He may have big teeth, but he’s my friend!” shouted TT and immediately happy TT clambered back onto Pumpkin and sat again with the green caterpillar.

That night Pumpkin would do his allotted task of spooking anyone who awoke in the wee small hours ….. Hallowe’en had arrived!

Woe betide any brave or barmy Ted that ventured from sleep on Hallowe’en night!

During daytime however, Pumpkin was Tangerine Ted’s friend.

***** Happy Hallowe’en and watch out for pumpkins! *****

Anne … October, 2017.

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  1. karenp says:

    Very good Anne, and do love those glowing Ted’s too :good: , very scary pumpkin :shout: :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Teehee, :giggle: Karen … Thanks. I have Jane to thank for TT and Dom for the others … they are fun :rose:

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