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8th November

Gardening world shocked as up-and-coming Stourbridge star Adam Greathead dies, aged 27

Dan Sharp @DanSharpHN Senior Reporter

Star Stourbridge gardener Adam Greathead has died aged 27.

STOURBRIDGE’S horticulture world has suffered a tragic loss after the sudden death of up-and-coming star Adam Greathead.

The 27-year-old – the youngest chairman in the history of Wollaston Gardener’s Guild – died at his Stourbridge Road home on Sunday, October 29, sending shockwaves around the green-fingered community.

Adam’s mum Gay paid tribute to her “very special” son, saying she would miss him “like crazy”.

“He was always full of fun and cracking jokes,” Gay said. “If he wasn’t, I would think there was something wrong with him!

“He would always put other people before himself and was always going out of his way to help others and raise money for charity.

“My husband John is disabled and Adam couldn’t have helped me more. He was my only child but he was just so special.

“He has done so much with his short life, and I have been so proud of everything he has achieved.

“But despite having trauma in his life – he got Type 1 diabetes brought on by the shock of his dad collapsing when he was younger – he was such a happy person and always brought smiles to our faces.”

Adam, whose cause of death remains unknown, grew up in Stourbridge and attended St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, in Lea Vale Road, before moving to Hagley Catholic High School.

For the last three years, he had been the head gardener at Ashwood Nurseries and had made a name for himself in the horticulture community, becoming chairman of Wollaston Gardener’s Guild in 2015.

Nursery owner John Massey, who is creating a lasting legacy to Adam in his private garden, said he was “like a son”, adding: “All of us are just totally numb; it was something no-one could have expected.

“Adam emailed me on the night before his death reminding me not to forget to put the clocks back, so I couldn’t believe what had happened when his mum called me Sunday morning.

“He will be a huge loss to horticulture, he was such a big up-and-coming star and we had made so many plans.

“He was full of fun. He was always cracking a joke or taking the mickey, he had a beautiful voice and you would always hear him singing in the garden.

“You couldn’t talk to Adam without smiling – that was his greatest gift of all, he would light up the room with his cheeky, mischievous grin.

“He was like a son to me, I loved him to bits and I can’t believe he is gone. Adam will always remain in my garden and in my heart.

“He was so respected by all of the people in the horticultural world for his knowledge and skills and has done more in his short life than most people do in their whole lives, but he still had so much to give.

“There has been a strange quietness at the nurseries since his passing. Adam wouldn’t like it as he would rather us be happy and go about our lives having fun, but we have to have time for grieving.

“He only worked here for three years, but it felt like he had been here forever, they were some of the happiest years of my life and it was because of Adam.

“We were developing one of the areas of the garden together and that was where the last thing he planted was, so we will turn that into a memorial garden for Adam as my own remembrance for him and it will continue to grow in his honour.

“He was great fun and a very special friend who I will miss dearly.”

A spokesman for Wollaston Gardener’s Guild said the group were “devastated” by the sudden loss of their chairman.

They said: “He was an energetic chairman, his talks delivered with humour, and his slides were much appreciated by the guild and by other clubs who saw them.

“Adam was a vegetable and flower exhibitor at our show and others in the area, always doing well.

“Adam had been mentored by one of our members, Flo Partridge, since he was at school and he was a respected and exceptional gardener, full of ideas and he certainly had a great future ahead.

“Adam raised a lot of money for charity by encouraging members to open their gardens and sell plants.

“His own garden, although small, was a real plantsman’s garden and had been accepted by the NGS for opening in 2018.

“Adam will be sorely missed by all who knew him, especially in the world of gardening.”

Adam’s funeral will take place at Our Lady and All Saints RC Church on Stourbridge Ring Road at 11am on Thursday, November 30, before going to Stourbridge Crematorium.

People can make a donation in Adam’s memory to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust.

RIP Babyface :rose:


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  1. dixon says:

    A truly sad loss. :-( I’m sure he will be greatly missed.

  2. cilla says:

    Reading this lovely tribute has made me cry. It also made me reflect on how unfair life is when a young caring lad gets taken so young and there are all those evil people out there spreading death and destruction.

  3. karenp says:

    how very sad :-( , especially for his family, sounded a absolute lovely young man too.

  4. Walt says:

    I extend my most sincere condolences.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Tony, his smile says everything about him and his love for gardening. Difficult to know what to say really. :rose:

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