A November Walk in the Park

A November Walk in the Park

It was a cracking walk; cold, but sunny. I wore my shades,

We saw Interesting flora and fauna ….. beautiful trees and leaves …..

… exotic birds and animals, real and imaginary …..

Busy, blue, sunlit skies ….

… which became even busier when we left the park on our way back home via Sydenham and the train to Crystal Palace.

Back at home, the Turkey Oak was reaching into a sky,  gradually clouding over with the help of swift breezes.

Anne ….. 13.11.2017


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  1. cilla says:

    That is a lovely park Anne but it isn’t within walking distance of home then? Gorgeous colours of the trees and the exotic looking Egyptian Geese. I expect you were invigorated after that. What a beautiful sunny day for it, if veeery cold, up here anyway.

  2. Yes, a lovely walk, Anne :-) I particularly like the first photo with the overhanging trees and the shadows on the inviting path :-)

  3. mick1970 says:

    Trees are awesome ..need to fall in love with my camera again Anne

  4. gertie says:

    Oh yes please Mick :good: … Winter trees are coming … I love the way their overall shape often mirrors the shape of their own particular leaves :rose:

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