Train Ride After The Walk

Train Ride After The Walk.

From the Crystal Palace Park, we walked out of an entrance …..

… and into Lawrie Park Avenue, a wide road, lined with lovely trees and shrubs.

Under the above Oak, I lounged to look up through the leaves, then on down the tidy road towards Sydenham Railway Station.

Matching cars and rubbish sacks!

From Sydenham Station and its decorated walls, we boarded the next train which conveniently took us to Crystal Palace Station, the end of this particular train’s journey.

So, up the wide stairway and out for the short, hilly walk home!

Anne ….. 13.11.2017


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  1. Some wonderful colours on those trees, I’m surprised they still have so many leaves, the trees round here are losing their leaves a lot quicker, I think it’s the wind!!!! A love!y blue sky also :good:

  2. gertie says:

    I do love the Autumn trees Lynn :good: In the park, there were many trees already denuded of leaves, but just as many, if not more, still brightly coloured :-) I noticed that the leaves disappeared from the crowns first and gradually move :rose: down until the whole tree is bare!

  3. Yewbarrow says:

    fab pictures Anne as always

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Jenny :-) That was a such a lovely day, and walk, haha! and train ride :lol: :rose:
    Are you relaxing after your busy weekend, or is that a silly question , what with the prospective ‘moving’ and all? :rose:

  5. Very nice, Anne, and although I can’t say that rubbish bags are particularly photogenic, the juxaposition was well spotted :lol:

  6. gertie says:

    Teehee … thank you Jane. :giggle: .it was so apposite for that road :lol: and look at the pavement here! Not a stray leaf anywhere in sight :shout: :lol: HALE :rose:

  7. Beanstew says:

    Remarkably tidy London pavements – don’t think our local councils up here have enough money to take care of autumn leaves, or fill in potholes – but hopefully the potholes may gradually silt up with leaf debris…..But it was lovely to see these photographs just now, Anne – it’s been so grey and miserable up here today.

  8. cilla says:

    Beautiful colours Anne. Are they bags of leaves…….couldn’t you help the council and take some home for leafmould? ;-)

    • gertie says:

      Have wondered about that Jane but am nervous of picking up more than I bargained for … went to pick up some paper thrown on the pavement near my house last week, and got fingers full of unmentionable :-( still makes me squirm when I think of it and how long it took me to clean my hands and nails ughyuk :-( Might get some from by the church enroute to the surgery next week tho’…must remember to take a sack and implement :good: ;-) :lol: :rose:

  9. gertie says:

    Oh I’m glad they cheered you Sheila…it has been a particularly beautiful Autumn around here, in my humble opinion :-) Don’t think the borough is that good with potholes here though either, but Croydon, next door one way, and Lewisham, of the Avenue pictured the other way, do seem to be much better than our Bromley :dunno: … and I noticed the other day that train services are still complaining and explaining about ‘leaves on the line’!!! :shout: :lol:
    I gather your weather was dreich … and the only good thing about that is the delightful word you describe it with :lol: Good luck for a better day tomorrow :good: :rose:

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