GG After the Rain

GG After the Rain

Tuesday night, 14.11.17. it rained during the night. On Wednesday Gertie’s garden was filled with jewelled leaves and flowers, glinting in the daylight.

After reds and pinks … oranges and yellows …..

… then green , blues, violet-blue and white.

… all glistening after the rain,

Anne ….. 16.11.2017.

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  1. Amazing variety of plants still flowering in your garden Anne, a lovely blog to brighten up a dull evening :good: :rose:

  2. Profile photo of cilla cilla says:

    What lovely flowers and foliage Anne, some beautiful colours. :-)

  3. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    : :love: Cilla, I think this November is amazing here HALE :rose:

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