Has the Black Country compost guru been kidnapped ?, Mick was last seen early on Friday heading for Scotland , since then no contact His anxious wife has offered a reward for information of his where about, a 5 litre bag of miccorhizal fungi, plus a bucket of compost worms. These are no ordinary worms , they have been bred to turn waste into compost in 3 weeks. Just water regularly with diluted pee while uttering the magic words “Bostin”
On a serious note hope his talk went well, waiting for pictures and a write up

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  1. gertie says:

    Nice one Tony :lol: :good:
    Micky P! … Micky P! … Micky P! :good: :rose:

  2. Beanstew says:

    I fear that our Mick may have been kidnapped by the Scottish government, who are always quick to spot an opportunity. They talk so much sh*t, that the piles of ordure out the back of the parliament have become a serious embarrassment to them. Even now, our Mick is labouring mightily to turn it into sweet smelling compost, which will be sold to help meet the Scottish deficit caused by the poor oil price.

  3. Your inside knowledge has set me up for the day, Sheila!

  4. dandlyon says:

    New words could appear in the Scottish governments speeches like bostin, and hoss muck, :lol:

  5. VegVamp says:

    Brilliant Tony – and Sheila, that made me laugh out loud on this cold dank morning, thank you. :lol: :good:

  6. mickyp says:

    Im here ,,,, early release for xmas ! all is well ……………

  7. Beanstew says:

    Bet you sit down to a Christmas dinner of prize veggies, Mick. Enjoy yourself and Happy Christmas to you and the allotment!

  8. mickyp says:

    have a good en you lot …… will be back after crimbo !

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