Last of the Autumn Wine.

Last of the Autumn Wine.

It was another, bright Autumn Walk and after we had passed well manicured lawns and shrubs of the private housing around the edge of the park, behind the railway, we came to the Park itself, at the Thicket Road Entrance.

But where were the pigeons on the Pigeon Tree?

I saw three up in branches, one flying away as I looked.

It slowly dawned on me what had happened, probably in those last windy days we recently had. The Pigeon tree branches had fallen in the water!

I checked my photos from November of last year and it was so.*

… no more Pigeon Tree :-(

* Incidentally, I note that the green stayed on the trees for longer last year too. Those two Pigeon Tree photos were taken on November 2nd 2016.

Our walk, in light and shade, continued around the Dinosaur Lake.

This dainty fir turns red every year.

Areas in C.P.Park were landscaped to represent different eras, and in the following pics a cave was made that represented man’s evolutionary use of the land. It was Joseph Paxton who, simply put, wanted the Park to show the whole evolutionary process of the Dinosaurs and Man. This particular cave showed a lead mine. It’s presently covered over with a grill.

I watched the Mallard … would he jump? … No, he flew just as I took my eyes off him! On Paxton’s Rustic Bridge a pigeon tried to cadge food from Dom!

We wandered on, past the Strawberry tree, more red berries and Spindle berries by the Stadium, a new Rose Garden and a curious Squirrel!

Then “Home James!” , past the ‘Very Expensive Christmas Trees For Sale’   plot, via the Crystal Palace Station, and on Home.

Anne ….. 27.11.2017.

Maybe it’s the same Squirrel from last year?

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  1. Lovely colours in that walk, Anne :-) Did you know that pigeons migrate? Birders are not sure where they go:

  2. cilla says:

    That park really is beautiful Anne and lovely to have firm paths for bad weather days. All those pigeons are on my lawn….13 yesterday!!!

    • gertie says:

      :lol: :lol: Don’t worry Cilla, they will migrate south soon: take a look at Jane’s link :good: Actually the paths need re-gritting as they are becoming quite muddy and slippery. there was a team of three workers in the park, clearing away the leaves. I thought of all that lovely leaf mould :good:
      I wonder what you can do with 13 pigeons :confused: :rose:

  3. Beanstew says:

    It looks far less cold in London than it is here, Anne – we are in an Arctic grip. Quite amazed by the info about pigeons from Jane – I have 2 which perch side by side on the GH ridge, and I’m sure I saw them a week ago. Perhaps they have gone to a London park……

  4. gertie says:

    It is warmer here Sheila, and according to the weather forecast for next week, due to be very cold, but STILL a degree at least , warmer than northern areas. Looking back at the park pics this time last year reminds me that we had a long, colourful Autumn then too. :good: :rose:

  5. shedsue says:

    Well that all looks lovely (apart from the poor pigeon tree), The colours are amazing and just think, all little buds will be coming through very soon :good: …..Our park is not been gardened by the council anymore, :-( its down to volunteers (friends of the park)

  6. gertie says:

    That’s interesting Sue. Our Park here hasn’t got that far yet, but we have various local organisations that do historical and educative research. I used to belong to one years ago, but lapsed, and now Dom is involved with a researching group too, I get hauled in for photos from time to time.
    Roll on budding Spring :good: I expect the pigeons will find another tree soon … I do hope so :lol: :rose:

  7. Allan says:

    I didn’t know that wood pigeons migrated Jane, There are hundreds of them here all year,Perhapse they are all heading this way, They fly up from the leaf litter in the oak woods in dozens,Where they grub for acorns,They also feed in the barley stubble that has been left over winter. What I have noticed over the last couple of years is the increase in the number of partridges that are about. The woodcock and snipe are already here in the marshes and rushes. My mate detects all the rough places,I only do the flat ones,Where I can use my shooting stick for a sit down. ;-)

  8. Allan says:

    Interesting Jane, Found a William 3 shilling that’s all Anne. :rose:

  9. A lovely walk Anne, I wish I could be as disciplined as you, regarding photos, blogs etc. I always remember to take the pics after, so don’t really have a before and after, perhaps something to put in place next year?? Shame about the tree collapsing, perhaps the pigeons have found another tree, or there all at Jane’s :giggle:

  10. gertie says:

    :lol: Am hoping that they will find another Lynn :-) Looking back I am often surprised and chuffed sometimes, by what I find Lynn … it’s the visual thang :dance: … gets me every time :lol: :rose:

  11. dixon says:

    Keep thinking of Compo and Cleggy every time I look at this gertie. :lol: Nice Autumn pics, stoggies have had all my berries. :confused:

  12. karenp says:

    Lovely photos Anne and the colour of the trees are lovely too, do love the picture of the squirrel and the way he’s holding his paws so cute :love:
    Also interesting about pigeons migrating but think they might be stopping off here in the south as lots in the garden today eating the food and lots up the woods today flapping about in the trees and shrubs :lol:

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Karen :-) Don’t the pigeons/Stoggies, make an almighty racket as they flap and fuss about. They always bring a smile to my face and Dom was tickled pink when that one on the bridge kept coming nearer and nearer hoping for food! Must take a pocketful of seeds on our next walk :good: As for the grey squirrels, well I know they are not good for our reds, and many red ones are now to be found only on the islands or in Scotland, but yes, they are cute :love:

  13. gertie says:

    :-) I loved that programme Dixon: can hear the music as I write :-) Thanks for liking … Stoggies have not had all the holly yet, in fact there seems to be quite a competition for them, amongst Blackbirds, various Titmice, Robin, Starlings and Gold Finch, even Magpies ! The crows fly over, as do the green Ring-necked Parakeets, noisy critters! I felt sad for the Stoggies in the park. I know you have no love lost for them, and it makes me smile, cos even you would have been sad to see their favourite perch for many past years gone :disappointed: :lol: :rose:

  14. gertie says:

    Oh Walt! You’re a star! :-) Perfick! … Thank you :rose:

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