A Blog for Bradgate Park!

As some of you have been incarcerated inside because of inclement weather, illness or having to race round crowded shops or officiate at foodbanks. I thought, perhaps, you may like to come on a walk round Bradgate with me in early morning mist and sunshine.

Phew, that was a stiff climb so early on in the walk but the views are rather nice.

And king of all he surveys!

Over the wall in the wood, where a few naughty deer have managed to infiltrate, there is an old knarly tree and on our side of the wall, two fallows following our walk with interest.



As we meander over the park admiring the different vistas, look right…….peep bo!!!

Just look at how sparkling this area is where the grasses have captured the raindrops.

Down in a dip is a small clear pond and behind us a beautiful blue sky enhancing the trees.

Can you believe we have done nearly 3 miles already and I think we have earned some refreshment so let’s go over the car park, by the stream and into the cafe.

Ooh look, they’ve been busy decorating for Festmas! Sit down everyone, OH is buying.

Some kind person has filled up the bird feeders and just look, the first visitor is a nuthatch soon to be joined by Mrs Blackbird on the ground. There is a nice canopy for dog walkers to sit under and enjoy a cuppa and I can see the maintenance man checking the lights.

Okay, coats on everyone, time to walk back along the tarmac path to the car. It’s only two miles so not too onerous and lots to see along the way.

A lot of splashing going on in the river and the gull was enjoying a bath.

The crow posed nicely for me, did you notice?

Are you enjoying the activity on the river? Moorhen searching for food, bathing ducks and a (out of focus….apologies) Wigeon who is the only one and has been here for a few years and quite happily integrated with the mallards.

As we carry on along the path have a look at the ruins of Lady Jane Gray’s “gaff”. The locals, apparently, filched a lot of the stones and only the chapel remains intact…….religious superstition no doubt.

There are always peacocks round the ruins including white ones….I wonder if they are descended from royal peacocks? This jogger looks as if he’s been through the mud.

Did you notice how the fallows in the deer park were quietly grazing…..then something spooked the stag and he leapt over the wall, across the path and up the hill, closely followed by a young buck.

Are you getting tired? We will stop at the Deer Barn tearooms and visitor centre……..no, not for more tea, I want to show you the new visitor centre which the Rotary Club paid for and which Sir David Attenborough opened.

I don’t particularly like taxidermy but it does enable us to feel the coats of these animals and really study them…….amidst the calling of owls, ducks and other things, all quite realistic!

Here is a model of what they think Lady Jane’s house would have looked like.

Smile please ladies…….the lovely informative volunteers who give up their time to educate us on the history of the park.

Off we go again on the last leg of the walk and a new piece of sculpture has appeared outside.

That is the head warden’s cottage I think….rather nice!

The other side of the wall, on our right, is Cropston Reservoir and good to see it has filled up after the snow and rain.

If you veer up here to the left you can see the new memorial wood and the “brass Acorn tributes” are filling up rapidly.

Just beware of that group of ramblers, they don’t like moving when you walk towards them!

Nearly back at the car park and ahead are some beautiful skies.

Yeah, here we are and just missed another nuthatch landing on the feeders.

Off you go for a rest and I hope you enjoyed your walk, you should sleep well tonight!!!







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  1. gertie says:

    Oh Jane…that was a lovely walk … just what the soul needed … thank you :love: :rose:

  2. dixon says:

    Nice photos cilla, love the one of the deer with its head poking up out of the bracken.
    Report that electrician, no safety goggles. ;-)

  3. Beanstew says:

    Gosh Cilla, I am so impressed by this blog! I really felt I was walking with you, The photographs were terrific, and made me wish that I had acquired the rambling bug in the semi-wild places that you and OH frequent. This was a lovely Christmas present from you to us, and I do thank you.

  4. VegVamp says:

    Oh well done Cilla, that was wonderful, smashing photos and loved the feeling of being with you. :love: Thank P for buying us all tea as well please. ;-)

  5. As you see, I was straggling a little today, Cilla but I’ve had my bap and tea and thoroughly enjoyed all the scenery and wildlife and feel so tired that I’m almost ready for lunch :good: Excellent photos!

  6. shedsue says:

    Fab blog and walk Cills, but I’m shattered doing that in my lunch break, and all that food off TTs Dad too ;-) nearly asleep at my desk now. Seriously though Cills Great Blog and I did enjoy the walk. :good: xx

  7. cilla says:

    :lol: I’m glad you caught up Jane, I thought you may have missed the bacon baps ;-)

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