Untethered! A Breath of Fresh Air.

Untethered! A Breath of Fresh Air.

We both have heavy colds; the colds have been coughing and sniffling on for weeks, ever since the Family went home after Christmas. Before that, Asthma was ruling the day and catching me out in awkward places! I shan’t forget the time when i completely lost it on the Underground Station, having dragged my screaming body there in the cold, [ I don’t like the Underground ] only to find two little boys punching the lights out of each other in a fit of unfettered bad temper! For a moment there, my temper was unleashed too and I grabbed them both with a fierce ” Ça suffit ! ” Needless to say, it stopped them but not my asthma, to which I had now added shame! Hey ho!

Any way horrid cold or not, yesterday, we decided some fresh air, away from traffic fumes and littered pavements, would be good for the soul, so off we went to the park.

I had decided not to take pictures, as I usually do, it being the same old, same old park. How defeatist is that! The breeze was cold and searching, and i urged Dom to turn right ‘here’ … and take a shorter way back … the heights of the old Crystal Palace site being a few steps too far for me that morning. Am I glad that I did!

As we rounded the bend and started on the busy little road between the Sports Centre, and the park exit, we espied a pair of Egyptian Geese on the grass, one grazing in a desultory manner, the other sitting and fluffing up its feathers against the wind, Of course, the camera was immediately untethered too!

We watched them for several minutes. Eventually the two beautiful birds both hunkered down against the cold, tucked their heads between their wings, and rested; keeping a wary eye open, just in case.

That lovely interlude was really cheering, and we set off towards the station, and home, past drifts of Autumn leaves [in January?]

….. when there, on the hilly grass to our left …..

….. four identical birds …. Fieldfares? Thrushes?

After some research I discovered that they were Mistle Thrushes … but am still amazed to have seen four altogether grazing peacefully on the grassy hillside!

That was a fabulous walk!

Anne ….. 05.01.2018



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  1. No question that they are mistle thrush, Anne and how lovely that you could photograph them :good: OH spotted one in our rowan tree earlier but it soon flew away when it couldn’t find any berries! Those geese were sensible hunkering down like that :-)

    • gertie says:

      We were quite surprised by them Jane. In 2016 they first appeared in another park near to us, and then more recently I spotted them In C.P.Park, as now, but over by one of the park lakes, not wandering about on the grass here!
      I was thrilled to see the Mistle Thrushes but amazed to see all four together, again, wandering about on the grass! I didn’t know that they went about in gangs! :lol: :rose:

  2. A brief but cheery walk :good: , that’s a great pic of the mistle thrush, like Jane’s the one in our garden is way to quick. :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Yes Lynn, that’s what I found with the Redwings most of the time :lol: :rose: The thrushes were very relaxed, but quite a long way away for the camera. :rose:

  4. VegVamp says:

    How lovely to spot 4 Mistle Thrushes Anne, lucky you. :rose: We have a couple in the garden from time to time, they are lovely birds. :good: :fingers-crossed: you both are back to full power soon.

  5. cilla says:

    FOUR mistle thrushes……wowser, lucky you :-) Our two local Egyptian geese were in a field yesterday on the other side of the busy main road…….did they walk or did they fly? We shall never know. A short walk but a fruitful one, Anne. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Wow Cilla … the Egyptian geese are getting about aren’t they … it’s good to know :good:
    Yes four Mistle Thrushes altogether … I was very surprised and chuffed :good: :rose: .

  7. Allan says:

    The best way to tell the difference between the Mistletoe thrush,Song thrush And the redwing ,Is the length of the tail, They can all look alike ,Some redwings Don’t have the red,Some songthrushes have deeper colour spots,It’s only the tail lenght that defines them. Nice photos Anne.

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