A Wander in Watermead Country Park

Now then clickers, the sun is shining and, okay, it is blooming freezing but you all need some exercise so today I am going to take you round Watermead. Please be careful on the paths, though, they are slippery after the frost and I don’t want any broken hips!

Through the kissing gate and let us look at the sun shining over the first lake and watch the reflections of the trees in the water.

On our left we can see the River Soar which wends its way through the park.

…….or it might just be the canal, I’m never quite sure.

Did you see that bird fly into the tree? On closer inspection it is a redwing and lurking at the edge of the lake is the inevitable heron. The stone dinasour on the grass seems to have lost its body, perhaps it is being restored.

I’m glad we took bird seed with us, there are a lot of birds looking hungry. OH is in charge of distributing it. We’ll enjoy the scenery and the dog walkers (Jane wouldn’t enjoy the dogs!) until we reach the wooden bridge.

Look on that tree, someone has left a piece of loaf and a bird feeder, we just missed the Great Tit.

Just look at that sky, isn’t it beautiful? Okay, we are on the bridge now and crossing over to walk to the Thurmaston end of the park……and the busiest end.

OH said it won’t be too muddy……..!!!

These railings have a very wierd effect on the eyes when the sun is shining through them, I hope nobody here is epileptic. To your right is the Marina.

We’re nearly halfway round now and just look at the amount of birds on this lake. 

Here we are at the Thurmaston Car Park. Be veeery careful it is like an ice rink. This is where people feed the birds as you can tell by the amount waiting for their breakfast.

Can you hear the gushing water? The little weir is in full spate.

Up to the lock and the bridge over the river. I have to confess that locks make me shudder with the amount of water rushing into them and the steepness of them. However there are no boats today so we shall just hurry over the bridge.

We are nearly at the garden where we have seen ring necked parakeets  but all is quiet today so no exotic show for you, I’m afraid.

There WERE long tailed tits in this tree, I’m sure you noticed them, so where were they when I clicked? Elusive little things.

Another small lake partly frozen and back on the return path on the Birstall side.

Allotments to the left, I knew you would like those.

This chap did look funny with his camera up close to, what must have been, a very friendly swan and family.

Right, let’s do a bit of brisk walking now and get the old heart going. Keep your eyes open for a kingfisher.

Phew, you can slow down now as we cross the last bridge of the walk.

You can tell how much rain we have had, poor Old King Lear’s pedestal has been submerged and they are hanging on for dear life!

These two dogs were having a whale of a time chasing a ball and they were so fit.

We have arrived at the main car park and I expect you will be feeling a little tired as we have done nearly 5 miles. Don’t worry, when you have looked at the wooden carvings (there are more….otter, fox, frog) we will wander back to the car through the nature reserve.

There are a few of these pretty culverts along here.

The sun is lighting up the silver birches, one of my favourite trees. And who is this peeping out of one of them?

We will just pop into the kingfisher hide and see if any birds are at the feeder. This is the one that OH copied for our sparrow cage feeder.

Only a squirrel to be seen today, sadly.

Our very last stop is the sand marten wall …….can you see it through the rushes?

That is 6 miles, very nearly. Well done everyone. I bet you’re glad I made you come. Time to drive back for a well earned coffee and who knows where the next walk may take us.


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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a lovely walk Cilla, thank you so much, I do love your walks. Really glad of it too as I’ve done beggar all else today. :lol:

  2. cilla says:

    Knew it would do you good Karen but why has the format changed……or it has on my tablet and the photos are all small. :confused:

    • VegVamp says:

      You should be able to set the size when you are uploading them to the media library Cilla, if it is first time you’ve done a blog from your tablet it may have defaulted to the smaller size. When you are selecting them to add to the blog there is a setting on the right hand side of the media library window, at/near the bottom I think.

  3. Lovely, Cilla! How long did it take you? Loved the redwing and you were definitely right about the dog walkers ;-) And dare I say, it’s no wonder you run out of birdseed so quickly if you’re feeding the park :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    What a delightful walk :-) :good: thank you Cilla :rose:

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