An Idea from Dom, for next year, 2019

An Idea from Dom, for next year, 2019

Hi Peops!

1) Dom wants me to give him 12 pictures for a calendar to order online … quickly [we haven’t got one at the moment!]

He asked if I could eg. Give him the photo winners from each month from our photo competitions. I said I would have to ask first, for your permissions .. so am asking please? *****

2) Then I said could we make one for anyone who would like one? Dom said, “Not this year, he is too busy” [ stupid man has taken on a lot of NHS voluntary work! She says unsympathetically ]

Anyway, it then struck me that it might be something we could do for next year, 2019?

Anne xx

*****   These are the Peops from whom I would like permission to use their winning photo of the month in 2017 …

Cilla …. December, September

Dixon … November

Allan … October

Walt … August

Jane …July, May, February.

Lynn …April

Sue March

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  1. Allan says:

    I’ll go with that Anne, Also You could ask everyone to put a photo forward that they think is the best they have taken.

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Allan :-) That’s a great idea. :good: :rose:
    Re the calendar you all gave me permission for, it turned out quite well, and the photos are a great reminder for me at any rate of my friends here. :love: Thank you very much.
    There is plenty of time to arrange one for next year, months and months, so no hurry, but when we are nearer the ‘do date’ I will ask Dom for details of costs etc. and see what gives, and of course, publish details here. So enjoy the rest of Winter :confused: frolic in the Spring and Summer and bask in the warmth of Autumn, and keep those lovely photos coming in lieu. :walt: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Glad you like it Karen … what month did your seagull go to Rome? :lol: :rose:

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