Moon-struck Teds

Moon-struck Teds

After their antics in their wonderful trees during the past festive month, Teds were all fired up for their next fun frolic … was the moon affecting them I wonder?

Certainly the loss of their beloved Christmas tree had not been without a fight … well a ‘sit-in’ to be more precise! The full moon, at the beginning of the month, seemed maybe to have affected them and they gathered together, sadly unsuccessfully, to save their tree, only managing to wish it a chaotic, fond farewell in the end.

They were left with happy tree memories, and they watched the New Year in on T.V.

Yet still, that big, shiny moon followed their thoughts and they listened. This is what they heard. The Moon was going to visit them twice in this January month. It was a Super Moon month. with special names. The first was , ‘Wolf Moon’, on January 1st.

“Wow!” breathed Raggi Ted, “Just look at that!” The moon hung in the sky like a lit balloon, and it fascinated the Teds. They took to watching the sky at night, and sometimes during a fiery Dawn too.

Raggi, Jack and Walter, [usually called Walt by his mates ] were three recent newcomers to the Pads. They had joined the Teds Family last October, on a trip to Normandy, and they were keen sky-watchers! Sometimes they watched the pictures on the computer screen, rather than go out into the cold night and peer through the dark, but they were gathering information and learning all the time. It was very exciting.

The second Super Moon appeared on 31st of January. After a glowing orange start it became a Blue Moon.

“It’s not very blue though is it?” whispered Jack Ted.

“No, but compared with its fiery glow at moon rise it is very bright and bluer now than then, isn’t it!” said Walter Ted ….. and it was!


Last year, whilst watching fireworks from up on the roof, other Teds were beginning to enjoy their night-time adventures too, and they often saw the moon rise.

Watching fireworks patterning the sky was lovely, but Quackers thought that the moon was even lovelier.

He especially liked it when it was only partly lit by sunlight and in shadow of the Earth.

“that’s called a Crescent Moon,” said Quackers, “But it becomes a Super Moon when it is a Full Moon, that is, all round and completely spherical!” he said, proudly using the correct mathematical terminology. “I like every Moon appearance;” he continued, …..

….. “I like the Moon when it hangs in a clear, dark sky, smiling down at me with its kindly, craggy face,” …..

….. ” and I like it when it lights up the clouds scudding around it too ! ” he said, proudly savouring his new-found word, ‘scudding’  :-)

“And just look at the colours it throws through the clouds! ” he went on …..

” You do go on! ” said Lynnette with a smile, “But you are right, it is very bright and pretty.”

The Teds did go on about the sky, and the Moon and the clouds; and they continue to be enthusiastic sky-watchers, learning all the time about what a wonderful variety of pictures are painted on that clear, bright canvas above them.


Anne ….. January, 2018. moonstruck

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  1. cilla says:

    Those teds have so much fun and are a lot more informed than me ;-) Some lovely moon pics for them to look at…………… I wonder who took those? ;-) :-)

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Those Teds look with great longing at your lovely country walks Cilla, and have to find their fun closer to home at times ….. You may notice that at least one of those on-screen moon pics was taken by our very own friend, Walt :good: :rose:

  3. shedsue says:

    Ohhh a Lunchtime read..lovely..Those CP teds are like little news readers, with good news only :good:

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: Thanks Sue … they have much to learn and enjoying it ;-) ;-) :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    Lovely moon shots gertie, must have another go myself. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Am quite fascinated by the Moon and sky Dixon.
    Did you see the latest rocket launch pictures, to Mars I think? The booster rockets that launched the thing came down and landed again in unison and complete! :shout: :rose:

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