Busy Teds

Busy Teds

Teds have ways of being busy, even when they look as though they are resting. Ripple was sitting on the Pads garden bench, watching and ear-wigging, as a little group of Ted gardeners were discussing what to do.

“There is no hurry, ” said Hedgeley. ” The garden will make its own pace through the year once it gets started, no matter if you are late sowing a few seeds or behind with hoeing raised beds. ” Hedgeley knows these things.

“He’s right, ” said Raggi, turning to Walt “Gardening can be hard work but it should be fun and the plants know what to do ! ”

Twinkle, one of the Green Gardening Teds, was sitting close by and he agreed. Along with Foxley, Hedgeley and others, he had been tending their tiny Christmas Tree, watering it, and the herbs that lived next to it.

Raggi, Jack and Walt spent some of their time looking through the window.

From their warm perch in the Glassroom, they espied baby Hazel Catkins preparing to dress in yellow pollen and dance in the wind.

Other watchers-through-windows, Sven and Molasses, saw birds.

Robin was one of their special friends. He always sang to them.

Blackbird brought Mrs. Blackbird and they feasted on seeds in G’s G.*

Sven and Molasses liked watching the moon as well, and joined Hedgeley and Foxley to look at the Super Moon pictures on the Computer screen.

Brittany Ted was trying to fix together a jigsaw puzzle. It was complicated !

After struggling for a little while, Brittany called some of her friends to help put the pieces together and the struggle to match the shapes and colours became great fun. They finished it and felt as if they were playing altogether in a beautiful garden. … they really enjoyed doing it !

All the Teds liked watching Freddie Frog at Dusk.

They loved the way he changed colour as the sky outside grew darker.

“Ooh! ” breathed Brittany Ted.


Meanwhile, Big Ted, Loppylugz, had been watching the Winter Olympics on the television: but that’s another story.


Anne ….. February. 2018.

* G’sG is Gertie’s Garden.


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  1. Well, Anne, you must be getting better to have done that jigsaw and come up with that story! We don’t have catkins, but we do have pussy willow in bud ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    Aw Jane, thanks :lol: Those Hazel catkins look very bushy and a bit early? but it was warm and pleasant out there. Lots of bulbs fattening up thro’ the soil already :good: …. I did have help from the Teds, but they aren’t very good with the one I’m doing at the moment :lol: :mad: :silly: :rose:

    • :lol: they might manage if you make one for them to do that comes from one of their stories ;-) The seasons are a bit messed up, Anne – hopefully there’ll still be pollen when all the insects are out and about and not just the mozzies that have been in my garden today ;-)

  3. gertie says:

    :good: good thinking Batman :good: :-)
    …and yes, those pesky little Blackflies too … yuk :lol: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Those teds certainly don’t get time to be bored ;-) I haven’t done a jigsaw for years.The catkins round here have been out for months and the pussy willows are breaking through too.

    • gertie says:

      :lol: Completely out of the blue Cilla. an old friend of the children, from over 30 years ago, turned up here from Mexico with his daughter, after looking for a place to stay [ which we had arranged …] long story short, she likes to de-stress by doing jigsaws, so I got out some of our old ones …et voila! I am hooked again :lol: and so are the Teds ;-)
      Yes, Jane said she had Pussy Willows too, and as you say, those Hazel Catkins have been hanging about for ages…funny ole Winter ennit :confused: :rose:

  5. Beanstew says:

    Once again just plain flabbergasted by your sheer output, Anne. I bet those Teds thought when they came to live in CP, that they would live in splendid indolence. Not for a minute – in fact there are times when being one of Anne’s Teds is blooming hard work, but always supported by others in the group. Great photographs as usual – you must be a very treasured Grandma.

  6. gertie says:

    :lol: I wish Sheila :lol: Thank you anyway … :love: :rose:

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