More Busy Teds.

More Busy Teds.

Last Christmas, which seemed so long ago now, Teds had tried to save their glorious Christmas tree by staging a ‘sit-in’ in the tree itself …..

….. but all was to no avail. The tree had gone. It was Brittany Ted who hit on the idea of putting together jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzles with trees in them!

Brittany had already helped to piece together a jigsaw about a beautiful garden …

… and she was eager to try another. Brittany gathered around her some mates and together they started to fix another jigsaw puzzle.

Even with the combined furry heads of Sunny, Foxley, Hedgely, Little Tot, Brittany and Nicola, as well as two of the green Gardening Teds, Twinkle and Tails, the puzzle grew very slowly.

This puzzle was proving to be even more difficult to solve than the first one that Brittany had tried, but she and her friends were not going to give up!

Meanwhile, as Big Ted, Loppylugz, was watching the Winter Olympics on the television, Teds were little further with their puzzle by the end of the day.

“This bit goes over there!” shouted Sunny!

“No. I tried that,” replied Foxley, “It doesn’t fit properly.” And so the torment went on. It got dark outside and the lights were turned on above them.

A shout from Towser Ted, in the front room, alerted them to things they were missing on the television. There were sporty skiing bears at the Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang!

“Let’s take a break,” suggested Sunny, who was eager to watch some of the Olympic Games, so they took a break. Sunny, Brittany and Nichola, climbed onto a clothes dryer, strategically placed in front of the big T.V. screen, and were immediately drawn into the excitement of Downhill Skiing.

“Ooh! It’s all so fast and blurry!” … “how can they see where they are going?” marvelled Nicola, peering into the T.V. screen!

Nicola got herself into a starting position just like the Skiers, hoping to see better!.”Good idea!” muttered Sunny.

The three Teds, supporting each other on their precarious perch, oohed and ahed as the skiers flew down the snowy slopes, chasing their shadows!

“Look! They are flying through the snow and they jump so high!” yelled Sunny!

The trio spent a long afternoon, watching snowy sport on the television, until a friend from Mexico, who liked doing jigsaw puzzles, came to visit, and promptly offered to help them. In no time at all, the Trees were complete.

“There, we did it!” said Hedgely!

The Teds just looked at him, for once thinking not quite so admiring thoughts of the little Hedgehog!

“Humph!” was all Brittany said, as she thanked Ana, their Mexican friend.

“What’s next?” asked Nicola … but Sunny and some other Teds had gone back to the T.V. to watch the wonderful Olympic Sports at Pyeong Chang; whilst Twinkle and Tails went down to help Anne to tidy up in the Garden Shed in Gertie’s Garden.

“What’s in those bottles? Whispered Tails.

“It’s banana skin fertiliser!” said Twinkle.

Meanwhile, Towser Ted had found some motor boats to play with …

….. Sunny found a comfortable stick-seat from which to watch the skiers …..

… and Korean Teddy Bears carried on skiing around the Olympic Arena in Pyeong Chang.

Anne ….. February, 2018.


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  1. That tree puzzle certainly looks tricky, Anne :lol: I can’t read the writing around the edge – is it the name of each tree?

  2. gertie says:

    Hi Jane, yes it is :-) :good: Sorry it wasn’t clear, am clearly getting sloppy, as I notice that I have spelt Hedgeley’s name incorrectly too :bad:

  3. gertie says:

    Profile picture of dixon

    dixon posted an update 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

    Very colourful gertie, I’ve been watching the Olyimpics to. Couldn’t reply in blog, server error, an age to download to tablet too. :dunno:

    gertie replied 1 hour, 30 minutes ago

    Thanks for reading it Dixon :lol: … a lot of us have been getting that server error thang … bloomin’ nuisance … was blaming myself at first, but it wasn’t just me! :walt: :dance: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    It’s non stop again at those pads :-) . I love those jigsaws but they certainly did look tricky. I like your banana fertilizer ! I don’t put my skins in the kitchen compost bin because they smell so foul so I just take them outside and drop them under the rose bushes. I shall be interested to see what happens in your banana jars :-)

  5. gertie says:

    :lol: They do keep busy Cilla :confused: :lol: the jigsaw was tricky and we were glad when a fanatic-friend came and polished it off for us ;-)
    I used to put the bananas in the composter, then came across a recipe for the fertiliser, so am currently cutting up the skins and popping them into bottles; topping up with water. I have to be careful tho’ as it fizzes when you open it and if the bottle is too topped up it makes an awful mess… opening a shaken fizzy drink!! :shout: :lol: I have a banana every day for breakfast so am getting a good supply of nutritious drinks saved up for the plants :good: :rose:

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