Even More Busy Teds.

Even More Busy Teds.

From complicated jigsaw puzzles ….. to watching Freddie at dusk ….. or even …

… posing for passport photos, some Teds have been passing a gentle time indoors during the cold wintry weather.

Luciano, will be visiting Portugal sometime soon, so he needs a passport.*

Mimi and Rasta are already in Jamaica, with their little passports, safely kept together with their friends’ big passports, and have met an old friend of the Teds, Ross, the Parrot. Ross has a mental condition which causes him to pull out his feathers , but otherwise he is a friendly, happy bird!*

It has been fascinating to watch through the windows and spot different birds visiting Gertie’s Garden, and Stefan and Molasses have been keeping a record of those that they have seen.

Kumba David joined them with his camera and took some photographs too.

One of their favourite photographs was of a young Robin they named Punk, after a gardening friend suggested it.

“Well, it has the most extraordinary feather-style doesn’t it?” said Sven.

“Feather-style?” queried Molasses?

“Well, you couldn’t really call it a hairstyle, could you?” said Sven, who liked to be very correct in his observations.

When snow first visited Gertie’s Garden and decorated the top of the Cold [very cold] Frame, two of the Green Gardening Teds, Tails and Twinkle, thought it would be fun to slide down the roof in the snow. They had no skis or toboggans, like the Olympic Sportspeople who had inspired them, so they slid on their bottoms!

“Ooh! That was fun!” shouted Tails, “Let’s make a Snow Ted!”

“My bottom is cold!” squealed Twinkle, “Later!”

The two Green Teds told the Giant Teds, Buster and Loppylugz about their adventure.

They also boasted about their daring around the C.P.Pads where many of the Teds had been watching the Olympic Games on their Television sets in the snug cosiness of their Pads, whilst others found different ways of following what was going on.

Some of the Tiny Teds found a plastic lid which made a great sled. They went out and skied down the re-snowy Cold Frame lid with Raggie and Walt in hot pursuit on a boat.

   Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ….. It was a close finish!

Foxley and Hedgeley heard a great noise outside one snowy, cold morning, and found a broken water pipe in the garden with a tube of ice sticking out of it. They took the ice indoors and pondered on the strength and beauty of it, before placing it in a bowl.

The following day, the block had gone leaving a very small pool of water in the bowl. Hedgely stuck his snout into the water, and lapped it.

“Mmm, it tastes nice and fresh,” he mumbled.

“There isn’t much from that lump of ice!” said Foxley, rather surprised that the water had not overflowed the bowl’s rim.

“That’s because when water free-bubllbubbllbz-zes it takes up ‘b-more’ space as ice: and that is why the pipe b-burst apart!” burbled Hedgeley, who knew these things.

Teds were happy, bright and busy, always learning something new.

When bedtime came however, they went back to the Pads, found a cosy bed somewhere and snuggled down to sleep under cosy bright blankets and quilts made by lovely friends, old and new.

Night night Teds! Sleep tight!

Anne ….. March 2018.


*passport picture and Ross picture kindly taken & sent from Jamaica by friend, Maria. Thank you Maria.


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