Snow Ted

Snow Ted.

During a late February night it snowed and snowed.

At Dawn the sky glowed burning red, but the day was growing icier and icier.

Cold did not deter furry critters from trampling about in the settled snow.

Some of the Teds, having watched the Winter Olympics on the television, went out to try their skills too; and had enormous fun!

Two days later, they went out again. This time the critter snow prints were different: a bird had visited the snowy balcony.

Teds decided to play in the snow.

They tried to make Snow Angels ….. Humph!

“Let’s make a Snow Ted!” said Pink Ted; so they did.

The snow was wet but Snow Ted emerged from under their paws.

Tall Slimjim came out to look .

“Bbbrrr! It’s chilly !” he said, and promptly gave Snow Ted his scarf!

“That looks better,” smiled Slimjim, and the other Teds agreed.

Feeling chilly themselves, the Teds said,

“Goodbye!” and “See you later!” to Snow Ted and went indoors.

Before they all disappeared, Snow Ted said to Slimjim,

“Thank you for the scarf, but I am very comfortable without it now … I like to be cold.”

“Of course,” smiled Slimjim, taking it carefully off the fragile Snow Ted, and waving to him as he followed the others indoors.

Snow Ted sat, looking around and enjoying the cold, fresh air.

The sky was grey, but no more snow fell for Snow Ted.

It gradually became warmer and warmer. Snow tracks became larger, then disappeared.

Slowly, Snow Ted melted away.

Later, TT’s twin brother, OT went out to revisit Snow Ted.

Across the wet lid of the Cold Frame, earlier, so luscious with its thick white cover, stood the depleted and skinny remains of the melting Snow Ted.

“Oh no, Snow Ted,” whispered OT and he crept up to their still smiling little snow companion and softly said, “Good bye … see you next time it snows!”

“Oh yes,” whispered the smile.

Anne ….. March 2018

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  1. Beanstew says:

    You are amazing, Anne – but I suppose I ought to have expected that a bunch of your Teds would be out cavorting in the snow, and building a snow man. I notice an immediate difference in the type of snow that Storm Emma (?) brought you – it is very much wetter than ours, which was very fine and dry, and given to drifting.

    • gertie says:

      Thanks ;-) … ‘funny that you say that about the snow tho’ …. on the morning when I walked to the Surgery, I laughed ruefully with Passerby, walking their dogs, as snow blew horizontally and even upwards into their faces from across the road, all white and powdery! In London we had tiny little round pellets, as well as some big, flaky flurries…inevitably with lots of blustery winds too … and so colddddd! :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Aaaw, poor little snow ted :-(

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