Gertie’s Garden, March 2nd 2018.

Gertie’s Garden, March 2nd 2018.

I picked out this random day from a week that has been snow and bird filled, in the garden. I watched each day thro’ the window. Robin came, and Gold finches dined next to a lone Collared Dove which earlier in the week had been in residence with its mate. I haven’t seen two together now for at least three days. Sometimes they liked to sit atop the bird feeders together.

There were at least half a dozen Goldfinches flapping around .they seem to squabble a lot and one large one in particular, doesn’t deign to share the big feeder with more than one other bird.

The Collared Dove just sat quietly and watched, when it had had its fill of

seeds. This one sat as accustomed, in the hanging basket, until a Chaffinch joined it and poked about behind it … disturbed, it decided to go!

The Chaffinch seemed cock-a-hoop ! I had the distinct impression that it had been annoying the Collared Dove as it picked at the seeds in the basket behind it.

Mrs. Blackbird appeared on the path, rooting around in the frozen ground.

.The Collared Dove returned later and alighted on the bird feeders.

Also, later in the afternoon, a squirrel came into the garden and rampaged about, raiding the bird seeds and filling up its fat self, watched by a Blue Titmouse.

It’s the same squirrel as has been before, with the tail stripped of fur down one side. I wonder what horrendously painful accident that was caused by, poor critter! Sometimes it comes with a second one and the pair of them raid everything in sight. They are incredibly agile!

In some ways it was a strange day. I felt the non-appearance of the accustomed dove pair, and wondered a bit sadly….????….and other glimpses of well known visitors were sometimes shrouded in a snowy mistiness.

At one stage, after more snow had fallen, a Goldfinch deigned to share its perch with a hen Chaffinch!

I found it faintly comical, the way they nibbled their Niger seeds, studiously looking away from each other …in truth, probably keeping a watch for other birds… the birds are constantly twitching and looking about!

The potted fir on the balcony, became covered in snow.

The tiny Coal Titmouse visited, and there were Great titmice too, but I missed  photos of them and the daily Starlings.

What I did manage to photograph however, was a gorgeous woolly Fox that wandered around as if it owned the place ….. could it be a revisit?

We had seen it run through the garden several times before but this was the first time this week, that I caught it on camera.

Then, seconds later, behind the Ribe hedge, in the adjacent garden we I saw a very small, slim fox. It ran up steps to a balcony then after a few seconds, came down again and disappeared over the back.

Was it a young adult, a cub from a late birth last year? It seemed too small to be a Vixen, but ….. it was a fresh and beautiful critter.







The day’s viewing left me with questions, and anticipation too.

Anne ….. Gertie’s Garden Diary for one snowy day, 2nd March . 2018.


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  1. gertie says:

    WARNING! This blog contains SNOW!

  2. Len says:

    great pictures anne :good:

  3. Very interesting, Anne and love the small fox pics :good:

  4. cilla says:

    I’m surprised you have time to do anything with all the exciting visitors in your garden Anne. Beautiful foxes but they must have been hungry coming out in the daytime. I just looked at last night’s webcams and baby fox and mrs,fox came, separately. I’m really hoping they are having or have had cubs…………….though that will be even more mouths to feed :fingers-crossed: :-)

    • gertie says:

      It’s called being a lazy retired Peop with a camera Cilla ;-)
      I haven’t had any success this year so far with the Garden Webcam, must try again. You have it well sorted in your garden …and it’s such a lovely garden too :good: :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    Nice close ups gertie., the fox to. :good:

  6. Some amazing pictures Anne, the fox Will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks. The birds seem to be very busy. :good: :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks :rose:
    and you bet Lynn :good: :lol: I still don’t know if he is casing the joint, aka under Dom’s shed again or not …we shall see. The birds are still busy out there, and must surely be preparing to get together and build nests and raise families soon :good: :walt: :rose:

  8. Ambersparkle says:

    Lovely Pictures Anne, especially the Fox, he is gorgeous.

  9. gertie says:

    Thank you Tina :rose: He [ I think he ] is absolutely beautiful isn’t he :-) I hope that he stays fit; I have sadly seen at least one other in the street recently, which looked very thin and possibly a bit mangy but it disappeared into an alley down the road before I could be sure :dunno:

  10. karenp says:

    Absolutely a wonderful selection of critters, sad about the lonesome dove though :-( , brilliant close ups too :good:

  11. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen :rose: I love all the garden visitors, with [strangely as I like cats but these are very predatory and unfriendly for neighbouring ones] the exception of the two moggies which prowl under the feeders and scare everything else away! :lol: I have still seen one only dove at a time so I am afraid the other may have come to grief :disappointed:

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