Revisiting Crystal Palace Park.

Revisiting Crystal Palace Park.

Welcome Winter/Spring flowers dotted the grass, still laden with old Autumn leaves.

We went to get up to date on the park plans.

French visitors perchance?

This lone Magpie was very jumpy!

The new site for the Tea Shop is progressing.

I hope that they replant the old Yucca soon!

They said that they are documenting all finds of old works, like this pipe laid in Victorian days*, possibly to feed the Fountains and Lakes.

The view of the aisle of trees is temporarily marred by the fencing around the new cafe works, but I liked the notice reminding folks not to feed bread to the birds, but get bird seed instead.

Signs of youthful and useful activity greeted us at the Entrance …..

… and as we left later, after an informative, if not totally reassuring chat.

We then meandered home through the familiar paths, past trees and birds on the lakes, all still very wintry.

Heathers around the old Stags were vibrant and gorgeous.

I was interested in this pruning ….. [old Willow?]

As ever, Dogwoods and Willows over the little lake looked pretty …..

… and evidence of bird activity was ever-present.

We discovered an old water tank here, so overgrown in the Summer, that we hadn’t realised what it was before the leaves left bare twigs!,

Approaching the end of our walk, at the Crystal Palace Station entrance, we were heralded by raucous screaming from noisy Ring-necked Parakeets, now permanently resident in the park. There is one in the tree, up on the right … honest!

Anne ….. March 19th, 2018.

* date … c.1854

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  1. shedsue says:

    Thanks for the lovely walk Anne…..especially when I am stuck in the office on this horrid grey day :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Glad we went Susie … it’s a grey ole :light-rain: rainy day today :bad: Hope that you are home now and all snug.HALE

  3. dixon says:

    Interesting photos gertie :rose: Wonder what the plans are for the old caravan site, still open the rest of this year I think.

  4. gertie says:

    It comes back to the Park Dixon, then Dom says it’s going to be sold for housing to be built on it, to raise money for the Park upkeep. I thought otherwise, but Dom is usually right ;-)

  5. VegVamp says:

    A lovely walk Anne, loved the splash of colour from the heathers under the stags. :good:

  6. cilla says:

    The tea room sounds an excellent idea Anne, every park should have one ;-) The heathers are a riot of colour and things are starting to come to life again. A lovely wqlk round.

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla :rose:
    I hope that the new Tea Room will be good, and not too long in the coming! We used to sit outside the old one, by the flowering shrubs, and enjoy the view, and a cuppa :lol:
    Those heathers are stunning … made me wonder what the moors are like up north. :rose:

  8. Beanstew says:

    Was interested in the notice board about not feeding bread to birds. A lot of people around here throws spare bread out on the grass – and are oblivious to the fact that it really doesn’t do them much good. Wonder if I should make up my own notice board……

    • gertie says:

      The park has been signing this for years now Sheila, and I have a feeling that they may sell seeds somewhere there, but have not yet investigated, as I usually have my pockets filled from the garden here :lol:
      I put out some bread for the squirrel a few days ago, but he doesn’t like it either…so there’s another lesson learnt!
      Now I am home from my false errand, I shall clean and disinfect the bird feeders again. :lol: :rose:

      • Beanstew says:

        I heard an item yesterday about the need for hygiene with bird feeding posts – makes sense!

        • gertie says:

          Yes it does Sheila and it’s a fiddly business so I tend to leave it until I suddenly remember it needs doing!! if that makes sense! I did two today, when they were nearly empty, and I hope that the Goldfinches remember to return tomorrow when the fresh, clean, disinfected feeders are back!! :excruciating: :rose:

  9. Allan says:

    That Heather is a picture Anne,Nice variety of photos. :good: :rose:

  10. gertie says:

    That heather really was lovely Allan :good: … as we turned a corner, it was there ! :-)
    Thank you :rose:

  11. It’s so good to see a open space like this, being kept as a open space and areas of improvement, like the tearoom. As you have photographed the area so often Anne, it’s good to see the subtle changes that each season brings. The heather’s look stunning, obviously the snow and cold temps only enhanced the colours etc. A lovely walk. :rose:

  12. gertie says:

    Thank you Lynn :rose: It still felt quite wintry so I look forward to the next foray, when hopefully, Spring will be more evident :rose:

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