Long Mynd, Church Stretton.

Nearly a week ago OH and myself went off to visit my sister, Rosemary and her husband, Stan in Church Stretton at the foot of the Shropshire Hills. We drove through rain, sunshine, road traffic works and got stuck behind a young girl driving a horse box, very gingerly! However, we arrived around 11.30 and had a coffee and chat before eating delicious homemade parsnip soup and rolls.

After lunch we donned walking attire and set off down Snatchfield Lane over the railway bridge, through the little town and in to Carding Mill Valley.

The hills rise steeply on both sides and this little chap was serenading us as we passed by.

The stream runs alongside the road and after we passed the National Trust cafe we saw that the wild ponies had come down from the hills.

A little way further on, next to the top car park, the walk proper starts. OH and I did the whole of this walk when we lived in Herefordshire and it goes right to the top of the Mynd but we didn’t do that……..but follow on and be prepared for the spectacular scenery.

This is the point where we would have gone to the right but my sister took us another shorter way back…………and a blooming scary narrow path high up…..yikes!!!

My sister, unlike me, isn’t scared of heights and kept telling me it would be fine in a minute!!!

This tiny path suddenly turned a corner where there was a big drop before evening out……but I’m proud to say I made it!

OH pontificating to Stan!

Views over to Church Stretton. Oh look there’s Rosemary’s house!

3 of the Musketeers followed by the fourth!

Looking down into Carding Mill Valley and one of the whitest sheep you have ever seen, they were pristine.

The ground evened out a bit here as it led to the reservoir which, apparently, doesn’t get used apart from wild swimming. At this point I was feeling pretty exhilarated and the weather was beautiful.

We made our way down some steps and meandered back to the valley.

As we neared the town I spotted this enormous tree.

We walked back to Rosemary’s to enjoy a lovely mug of tea and her lemon drizzle cake. We enjoyed the walk so much we are even thinking of spending a few days in a cottage in that area and doing some more walks. I hope you enjoyed it too.



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  1. Oh, Cilla, that was absolutely fabulous!! Beautiful beautiful scenery and not a bit flat :walt:

  2. gertie says:

    What a lovely walk Cilla, and super photos to take us with you …. and only a week ago , with no sign of the white stuff! :rose:

  3. Looks amazing Cilla, I have a feeling when we first visited Shropshire in 2010, we did part of this walk, the 3rd from last pic looks familiar, along with where the cafe is. It was heavy drizzle when we went so we didn’t explore to the top. :good:

  4. VegVamp says:

    Wow, what a beautiful area Cilla, stunning views and great photos. Thank you for my lovely early morning walk; I thoroughly enjoyed every step. :rose: :clover:

  5. Beanstew says:

    I feel totally exhilarated from the depth of my armchair, Cilla – and can quite see that this was a wonderful experience which I really enjoyed. I could feel the wind on my cheeks, and I was just as nervous on that high path as you were. Smashing!!!
    PS Your sister is very like you.

  6. shedsue says:

    Brill Cills…Just the walk I needed, stuck in my office. You always have to go up to get the views don’t you? …Its so very pretty there and looks a ideal place for a break :good:

  7. Hayley says:

    Just look what you get up to while I’m away :-) Fabulous scenery and I love the waterfalls and ponies. :lol: :love:

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