Up The Holly Tree

Up The Holly Tree.

Oh dear, there’s a black, plastic sack caught in the holly tree!

Oh no! It’s a cat! … it’s watching the birds! Gggrrr!!!

Ah good; it’s coming down!

Oh no! It’s going up!

….. and up!

It chased a squirrel into the prickly younger tree-branches adjacent.

… Ah, back again?

Humph! No such luck! Squirrel is still there … hiding!

Let’s get it!

Maybe not …

Will sit and pretend I can’t see it.

I can see you , you silly cat!

Come down!

It’s still there, hiding; II can see it!

I’ll sit and watch it.

Oh thank goodness! … it’s coming back down.

Er … hi you there, through the window!


Eventually, over half an hour later, I went outside, armed with a mattress, which I placed strategically under the cat, high up above!

I then talked to the cat, who made it to the trunk, after watching the squirrel nimbly escape down the other way! ….

Cat, after a few wobbly climbing down moments, then jumped onto a garage roof next door and disappeared. After giving a sigh of relief, I brought the mattress back indoors and continued to watch the birds.

Anne ….. 18.03.2018


12 Responses

  1. cilla says:

    :lol: Cats will be cats, they always do their own thing! A very handsome cat, though. :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Isn’t it lovely Cilla … I wonder where it lives? :rose:

  3. The cat looks well looked after but obviously is a bit of a birder,we have a new moggy that walks through the garden occasionally, he/ she is a birder but has alot learn as charging up and down and jumping at the hedge is a real give away,that you want to catch the birds!!! :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: haha! Just a bit Lynn … I seem to remember you saying that a while ago :giggle:

  5. VegVamp says:

    Lovely healthy, well cared for looking cat Anne. If they get up the tree, they can usually manage to get down. ;-)

  6. gertie says:

    Probably Karen … I just had visions of cats being rescued by Firemen and ladders and allsorts, and this lovely critter being scratched by prickles!! It looked as stubborn as me! :lol:

  7. Beanstew says:

    I’m very impressed by thoughts of you outside in this Arctic weather in order to catch these photographs for us – especially as the cat won’t feel the cold. I think Alfie is so well fed that he no longer tries to hunt – left to his own efforts, he would starve to death.

  8. gertie says:

    Haha :lol: Funny you should say that Sheila … it occurred to me that Alfie might be as cheeky, but then, as you say, he doesn’t need to gallivant up trees to catch his food. Mind you, this one looked pretty healthy and well fed too! Maybe the squidge was rude to it as it ran up the tree and the cat gave chase :lol:

  9. shedsue says:

    Wonderful Anne….would have loved to have seen you armed with mattress etc… ;-)

  10. gertie says:

    :lol: Mad Susie, totally mad!! :lol: :rose:

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