Teds In Portugal ….. Part One.

Teds In Portugal ….. Part One.

Luciano, Sharon and Carlos, are three excited little Teds. They have had their photographs taken for Passports* because they are visiting Portugal.

The other Teds, Tig, Wilhelmina and Dores already have theirs.

They all settled comfortably in a blanket-covered basket packed into a suitcase for safety, where they kept each other warm and safe. Dores was so excited at the prospect of being in Portugal, that she soon snook out of the cosy basket to look through the aeroplane window.

Her excitement made her very fidgety and she climbed onto the seat backs to look down the inside of the plane’s cabin, backwards …..

… then forwards, where a man in the seat in front looked round and grinned at her. His name was Gav.

Dores knew this because she very politely asked him.

Dores fidgeted until it was time to look out of the port hole** to see all the pretty runway lights as the plane landed at Faro Airport.

When disembarking from the aeroplane Dores was hiding in the suitcase, but she soon came out again when they went to the Car Hire Office. It was a long wait for their car, because they did not press for a ticket, and a man who came in after them got his car first … gggrr!

It didn’t matter in the end, however, as they were lent a beautiful Audi, and given chocolate sweeties and smiles.

Dores sat on the dashboard for the drive home to their Friends’ house.

Her eyes gradually closed in the darkness …..

… so she missed the worms on a roundabout near to home …..

… but awoke in time to blearily see the bright lights of The Strip, a shopping street near to their Holiday Abode.

It was, eventually, one very tired little Ted who arrived at their destination.


Anne ….. March 2018

*Passports are identity documents that have to be carried with you, when you leave your home country to go to another.

**Port Hole is another name for a window in an aeroplane cabin.

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Good Gawd woman – are you on the move AGAIN? I feel ashamed to realise that the Teds are much more cosmopolitan and travelled than I will ever be – I’ve hardly been anywhere – but perhaps if I keep my mouth shut, they won’t realise. I hope you are rewarded with warmth and gentle zephyrs – it hasn’t been too bad here today, but obviously not as warm as Portugal. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. gertie says:

    It isn’t very warm in Portugal either Sheila :confused: and I forgot to pack a heavy woolly :bad: It is sunny in the not-so-gentle zephyrs though :rose:

  3. It’s obvious you only go on these trips for the benefit of your Teds, Anne :lol: Have a good time :-)

    • gertie says:

      I’ll say this Jane, the tricky business of keeping the Teds happy whilst photographing them but not annoying the public or making a complete ass of myself when explaining’ if questioned, that I write stories, but then having to admit, “No I haven’t had them published yet’ etc. etc . keeps me on my toes and whiles away the time quite nicely :lol:
      Guess you could say that the Teds come for my benefit as they help to explain the trips and while away the time!! :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    You see what happens when yu let those teds near the computer…….they book holidays :lol: Have a lovely time with your friends. :bad:

  5. cilla says:

    That should have been a smiley……..my fingers went awol ;-)

  6. gertie says:

    :lol: Thy just couldn’t wait Cilla and already have another Portuguese Ted friend!! :lol:
    They are busily exploring the garden here and having a lovely time in the morning sunshine; not feeling the chill air as they have their furry coats ;-) :rose:

  7. shedsue says:

    More from the travelling teds Anne…yea…(they are better traveled than me too bean, although I have been to Portugal with work)….Its great though Anne to get the teds out, because you always get a smile from someone :good: ….I have known Baz, walk off in embarrassment when I get mine out :-) …Anyway, I am sure you all will have a fab time and have some wonderful adventures :good: xx

  8. gertie says:

    The Peops I am with, including Dom, are so well inured to the Teds, that they tolerate them anywhere Sue ;-) they even come out dining with us and get up to all sorts of mischief around the wine bottles, not always with my help either!!! … :lol: I am currently getting them to write to you about the flowers in the garden ;-) :rose: … hugs for Bazza ;-)

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