Flower Teds ….. Teds In Portugal. ….. Part Two

Flower Teds ….. Teds In Portugal. ….. Part Two.

Dores was thrilled to be back in Portugal and her first wish was to say “Ola!”* to all the flowers in the garden. Jacaranda shone bright in the cold, morning sunlight, and greeted her happily.

After a brief chat, Dores went down to the end of the garden and sat on the wall overlooking the pool. Below a gentle voice said to her, “Bom dia!”** Looking down she could see a delicate pink Hibiscus flower. Dores climbed into the bush to greet the flower, who then told her that there were other Hibiscus flowers of different colours around and about …..

….. peachy colours …..

….. and lovely red ones.

Over by a wall on one side Dores spotted little white stars on the ground.

They were tiny, scented flowers from a hedge, where Honey bees were busily foraging, and collecting pollen. Dores collected some pollen too!

In a fat, white pot Dores saw a shy Pelargonium. She climbed onto its pot and said hallo to the Geranium as well. It was dozing, and only whispered politely, “Ola!”

There were wonderful shapes and shadows in the garden, from exotic shrubs and trees, but Dores liked the little, yellow Oxalis in the grass.

The little, yellow Oxalis disappeared after three days after a man cruelly chased it away with a grass trimmer ….. Dores was sad to say goodbye.


Dores had taken Sharon under her wing, as it was the first time that the little Ted had come to Portugal. Sharon loved the flowers and the pots too.

All the Teds liked to sit amongst the flowers, listening to Luciano with his guitar playing and singing Fado*** in the bright sunshine.

Anne ….. March 2018.

*Ola: … Hallo, in Portuguese.

**Bom Dia: …. Good morning, in Portuguese.

***Fado: … a liltingly melancholic style of Folk Music of Portugal.


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  1. dixon says:

    Lovely blooms gertie, hope you enjoy Portugal, May be going myself later this year. :-) :high-five:

  2. gertie says:

    It’s a beautiful day today :notacloudinsight: Dixon … bring your shades and sun hat :lol: :rose:

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