Garden Birds in Portugal.

Garden Birds in Portugal.

As the sky clears and the air warms so more birds can be seen and heard in and around the garden. The first I noticed were the House Sparrows, chirping cheerily in the bushes. One came to visit the grass and hopped onto a lounger.

An unseen and unidentified bird whistles each day from an adjacent garden, either one longish note or two, a short followed by a higher and longer one.

Each day we hear a Blackbird, whose song seems to become more melodious as the days progress. I have seen him fly across but not caught him on camera.

There have been familiar Collared Doves and recently the Seagulls have become frequent visitors. An enormous Herring Gull sailed over our heads and landed by the pool this morning. It then walked about, casually pecking here and there, sometimes dipping its strong beak into the water, really casing the joint. This was all happening as we finished our late, outdoor breakfast on the Terrace.

You can imagine Dom’s indignation, when after apparently flying away, the same gull flew back and nicked his last, tasty slice of marmalade and toast from off the breakfast table! Since then the gull has revisited with a crony but has not been tolerated by the Owners in the same way as before.

The visit by ‘Percy’, as I nick-named the Herring Gull, was on Tuesday, 27th.

This morning, 28th I I spotted the blackbird in the grass, and after, singing from the trees and wires later, a pair of Swallows.

I saw some last evening too, and caught his red face and throat :-)

The bird that whistles almost incessantly from ‘next door’ I have decided is a pet, or caged bird, as it always sings from the same place.

There’s another Sparrow-like bird hopping about …..

… and Blackbird has a perch in this tree too :-)

Anne ….. March, 2018


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  1. gertie says:

    Thank you Mick :love: I was pleasantly surprised at how well some are turning out with this old camera. I think that the sun has something to do with it :good: :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Lovely pictures Anne and that blue sky….wow :-) I love that cheeky gull, what a character, as if he is performing for you. :lol: Your little yellow bird looks like a siskin and they have a whistling call…?have a google of them.

  3. gertie says:

    that blue sky … yes! It’s gone today :-(
    Thank you for the heads up re the Siskin Cilla. If they live in Portugal as well as in the States I think that’s what it is, tho’ not sure yet.
    Humph! As for that gull …he!he! he was special :rose:

  4. Lovely sunshine and bird-life, Anne :good: Enjoy the weekend!

  5. gertie says:

    It is Jane :good: you enjoy the weekend too :rose:

  6. karenp says:

    Lovely pictures Anne :good: and gosh what a lovely blue sky, and absolutely love the photo of that cheeky gull, what a character ;-) :-)

  7. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen :rose:
    :giggle: I have nick-named that gull Percy, Karen ;-) it tickled me: persistant little critter. :rose:

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