Upton House…the interior.

After a delicious lunch of bangers, spring onion mash and savoy cabbage we made our way to the front door of the house. The guide who welcomed us in began with…..”the date is 1927, the house is up for sale and you are invited to view it and put in an offer for it. An offer of £15,000 has already been made!” Well, this excited us and we looked forward to this house visit. Before I go on I have to say that the guides were all excellent, knowledgeable and amusing.

Here we are in the entrance hall.

We moved in to a room that was divided in to three separate rooms at one time, hence the dividing boards to give us an idea. On a desk I spotted these planting plans.


This was the library. in the second picture you can see the little balcony looks down to the ground floor.

This person had the right idea.

All round the house were cabinets full of beautiful porcelain.

Here was an art gallery with some rather strange pictures in it. At one end you can see it had been turned in to a squash court at some stage!

A rather nice sitting room with some arts and craft touches.

I was very taken with this piece of unusual furniture which the guide opened to reveal mother of pearl keys on a spinet.

Next we came upon the games room. The house was bought by Lord Bearsted and was used as a holiday home which explains some of the quirkiness.

This was my favourite room, Lady Bearsted’s bedroom with a fabulous view and an amazing art deco bathroom.

There was a connection (I can’t remember all the details) to the Shell Company, hence all the posters in the house.

A room of nostalgia, fabulous dresses, hats and adverts…..how many do you recognise?


Back downtairs down this beautiful staircase.

This is the other end of the room that was divided in three.

The dining room.

And exit the house. A quick look at the orchard before retreating to the restaurant for tea and scones!

Looking round the shop we came across Boots again, gorgeous.

At the exit/entrance is the original For Sale notice of 1927. A view of the countryside on the way back to the M40.

It was a fascinating house and the guides brought it all to life. Every single member of staff and volunteer that we met was absolutely charming and cheerful and obviously loved their jobs. I hope you enjoyed it too.

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  1. gertie says:

    Love the doll’s house furniture, the Lord’s name and the pussy cat Cilla …. thank you for the visit :rose:

  2. An amazing place, Cilla! Lovely some of the fashion! My great-gran used to have cha-cha dresses – I think a couple of your photos had them in but I’m not absolutely sure.

  3. VegVamp says:

    Oh Wow, what a wonderful place, enjoyed every second of that Cilla, the house is amazing. :good: And I’d kill dead things for that orchard too. :lol: Boots obviously took a shine to you – knows a softie when he sees one. :love: Thank you honey, you really do bring these places to life. :good:

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