Portuguese Garden Flora.

Portuguese Garden Flora.

I am reliably informed by my friend and host here, that fluffy Mimosa is blooming late, er, late blooming, and it’s beautiful this year. It pops up all over the place, in gardens as well as in untidy ‘green’ spaces.

In garden pots and municipal troughs and flower beds are yellows …..

… including familiar Honeysuckle and a yellow Oxalis.

….. and pinks, such as Geraniums, Pelargoniums, and Hibiscus.

There are reds ….. Pelargoniums, Hibiscus …..

… and yes, it’s a Poinsettia Tree here in Portugal :-)

I love the orange Jacaranda and Hibiscus blooms, so do bees!

Bees like these sweet-scented white blossoms too.

Scarlet/orange, pink and yellow often combine in one flower head …..

… and there are mauves and purples too ….. is this Polygala?

At the house here, Bougainvillea sprawls across the white-painted wall, casting lovely shadows in the strong sunlight.

When wandering, we come across bright daisies. Possibly, Asteriscus maritimus, set off by mosaic paving.

There are many sorts of palm and fir trees, the names of which I know even less of than the flowers … I like this furry one :-)

There are various succulents and cacti too … and I will do another diary of these and trees another time. First I must discover the names of all the flowers and blooms, and am hoping that certain friends may help me ;-)


Anne ….. 30th March 2018


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  1. Profile photo of cilla cilla says:

    Morning Anne. How lovely to see such jewels while I gaze forlornly at the rain outside :-( It looks like polygala above the bougainvillea and above that is lantana. It all looks beautiful and you are certainly in the best place. Have fun :-)

    • Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

      Thank you Cilla, for your peals of floral knowledge :love: … I knew that I could rely on you to tell me the names I so dismally lack :-) :rose: …just noticed .. that should say ‘pearls’

  2. I can only dream of seeing such colour at the moment, Anne! Lovely :-)

  3. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    Oh Jane … we seem to have escaped :pissing-down: at the best moment … am doing my utmost to make the most of this short, colourful break :-) :rose:

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