Popping To The Local Shops.

Popping To The Local Shops.

Why did we pop to the local shops? There is a Wine shop there from where, last time we came, Dom found a rather choice White Port, so we went to look for that. On the way I was, as always, coming across things that interested me and the camera came out. We liked the front of the local Play School, which indicated to me that the area was residential as well as for tourist accommodation. I was fascinated by the paving stones, with their embedded fossilised shells. We passed a Granite Quarry on our wanderings the other day; the same colour granite as these paving stones.

A shop window displaying children’s furnishings caught my eye, and I was especially tickled by the flooring.

As usual I kept my eyes open for any unusual flora and found blossoms and what we would normally call weeds, decorating the waste grounds and pavement edges respectively.

I spotted a Cork Oak, and over the wall we saw more fat Palms.

Coming back to The Strip, [ the noisy, friendly, garish touristic area of holiday shops, that has grown up behind our friends’ secluded, actually rather nicely secluded, house and garden, since it was built, ] I saw these dippy cups, that tickled my fancy yet again! They have appeared in a corner shop at the beginning of an alley down which we go to our home. I had not noticed them before!

What will be next I wonder?

The Strip has some rather extraordinary Shop signs … more of those later. For now, it’s back to the garden and a glass of Vinho Verde.


Anne ….. April, 2018.


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  1. All very interesting, Anne :good: Loved the flagstones, too :-)

  2. cilla says:

    What a mix of things in one small area Anne. Fascinating shops and, yes, lovely flagstones. :-)

  3. gertie says:

    I love the cobbled pavements too Cilla :-) :rose:

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