Through the Car Windows.

Through the Car Windows.

We arrived at our holiday destination around Friday Midnight, after plane take-off delays and waiting for hire car longer than we needed because we hadn’t cottoned on to the “Take-a-ticket-and-get-served-in-order-protocol” , as the bloke behind us had. Our first glimpse of the ‘Worms’ roundabout came to weary but excited eyes. Those worms would crop up again on our excursions during the following few weeks.

In fact, they showed up later on the first full day, as we popped out to a local supermarket to shop for salad and wine for the daytimes’ lunches.

During following days and evenings we would pass the Worms often, sometimes getting a quick glimpse of their tails meandering over the grass islands that divide lanes in the road!

I was often secretly frustrated at not being able to yell, ” STOP A MINUTE! ” but it would have p … er annoyed peops had I done so as frequently as I wanted               :lol: even though they offered, so I took quick, sometimes rather blurry shots through the car windows to make a collection of Portuguese Travel Memories.

We started from here, outside the house , where the cars were parked …..

….. and often went to the ‘Worms’ roundabout to begin with but that is where my sequencing of ‘through-the-windows’ snapshots ends. What follows is a hotchpotch of views I gathered on various rides around.

In our wanderings I noted that the variety of decorated roundabouts that were a feature of past visits were still there; familiar land marks from past years’ travels.

So much that puts you in Portugal, catches the eyes … trees and buildings, old and new …

Delightfully, there were ubiquitous potteries …..

… and new blocks of flats were often painted in soft colours matching the skies.

Their tidy plantings and pristine outlines contrasted oddly with surrounding countryside, often higgledy-piggledy wild, and overgrown, and filled with orange groves and lilting yellow Mimosas, and Eucalyptus trees. There were also Cork oak trees. We found many of them near Monchique in the woods surrounding another rather fine restaurant!

This last picture I took as Dom and I walked to o new [ for us ] restaurant we all found, which was near to our home dwelling. When we found eating places we liked , we returned. There was a lot of eating on this holiday!

I’ll leave you here for now.

Anne ….. April, 2018




















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  1. Beanstew says:

    Any people who give so much thought to decorating their chimney pots are worth visiting , Anne – never mind the thought they put into their roundabouts. And I do like the fact that the country side is not given over to monoculture crops grown by huge agribusinesses. Most of all, I like being able to see everything through your eyes, Anne -because I never go anywhere much.

    • gertie says:

      Oh Sheila, I don’t know what to say :disappointed:
      ….. except that I appreciate your comment about ‘agribusinesses’. In a country once ‘Moorish’ it’s as though the modern Portugal is only just catching up. It’s incredibly untidy in places but I have an affinity with that in some ways, I understand that sort of progressing /ive untidiness ;-) :dunno: I wish you could come with us too :rose:

  2. Weird and wonderful, Anne! And I’d love a pot shop like that near me!!

  3. gertie says:

    It is weird and wonderful ennit :-) and oh yes Jane … you would adore the potteries :good: only trouble is, you have to get the darned things home :confused: :dunno: :lol: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Thank you for sharing that Anne. I loved the green spaces, the cork oak ,the old buildings and the pottery but wasn’t so keen on those roundabouts……don’t they distract the drivers? All that colour on properties I would find rather jarring but I guess I’m old fashioned! Fascinating to see how another country difers so much. My nephew has lived in Lisbon for years but I’ve never visited.

  5. gertie says:

    Interesting Cilla :good: Lisbon is like another country as I remember :-) I think Algarve is rather unique in it’s renewingness It seems to be growing into an entertainment area for the World’s visitors, which in one way is fun, but I wonder how the locals like it. There is still a great emphasis on Portuguese food in many of the restaurants; they are the ones we go to, but I noticed many that offer ‘English Breakfast’ or Chinese cuisine too …it’s a real hotchpotch around Praia Da Oura. … home from home when I think of CP at the top of the road :lol: :confused:
    As for the fancy roundabouts :lol: they offer familiar land marks to idiots like me who might otherwise get lost in the countryside routes :lol: and as a passenger I enjoyed them :rose:

  6. Fascinating Anne, so much contrast, the old with the new, built up areas and hilly open spaces,if that makes sense. I love the sculptures on the roundabouts,agree with Cilla on the possible distraction,but great to look at otherwise. I would be forever in the pot place :lol: some of the tree’s looked really old, especially the cork one :good: a lovely lot of pics to remind you of your holiday. :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Just a few pics Lynn, but they do recall sunny places :good:
    You are spot on about the contrasts, and in many ways it reminds me of my childhood in Stevenage from 1952 onwards, then an emerging and growing new town with woods surrounding our houses, fields where I followed the Skylarks, ponds where I looked for frogs and newts; not to mention super old Oak trees that I could climb. :-) The Cork trees are terrific; and of course, I too could spend a lot of time, and money, in those potteries. :lol: :rose: I’m glad that you have seen some of my pics :rose:

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