Gertie’s Garden Early April Bbrrr!

Gertie’s Garden Early April Bbrrr!

A quick glimpse of the garden, as we arrived home from sunnier climes, showed it to be still reluctant to welcome Spring, Four days later I was unusually pleased to see the Ribe bush in good health and flowering prettily.

Little birds, so abundant before we left a fortnight before, quickly returned when I cleaned and replenished any empty feeders …. little Dunnock …..

… and the hen Chaffinch …

… as well as himself. There were Gold finches too, being as careful around each other as ever, and when one dared to fly and perch on the feeding station when the Pirates were there, it was chased off.

The pirates tucked into the fat balls …..

… and a persistent Great Titmouse searched for nesting material … my newly washed and trimmed hair ends, flying off through the blossoming Ribe bushes.

Yet another Great Titmouse was also tucking hungrily into fat balls, or peanuts.

I have spotted little One-leg Blue Titmouse but have no picture yet.

All this feathered activity is going on in an untidy garden that, despite continuing wet, cool weather, is slowly coming to active life.

With all the new Tulips coming through, old favourites too, are soldiering on or waking up.

New Daffodils/Narcissi are flowering and the old, Spanish Bluebells are starting to bloom too, along with geraniums awaking.

I have at last, snipped off the dried old blooms from the Hydrangeas.

A cutting that I have been patiently [!!] nurturing for several years is now flowering, AND a shrub I have had forever! has this year produced beautiful, dangling blossoms; though only on one side of the plant, which I find puzzling …. and is one of the following Mahonia?

….. and can anyone tell me for sure, what sort of Moth this will turn into, or is it there, just to muuunnnch on my garden goodies?

I put a ring around the tiny Rhubarb shoots before we went to Portugal, and look what I found on our return!

This Heuchera is by Tiny Pond and looking good.

Tiny Pond I clear frequently of a stifling green frondy stuff, but I put back the pond weed roots when I have finished. As gardening friend Karen says, it is too small for frog spawn but maybe frogs will return later.

There are a few problems out there.

Last night I heard a lot of mewling and squealing, and I think it was over the Blue Hill, as today I found two, new emerging Tulips broken, and on the path. Not too pleased about that!

Also, as I hadn’t seen it, I thought that it had gone, but NO! I saw it today, so after the weekend, I will re-set the trap [having learned again how to open it!] and take the little critter to some far away nature Park.

Meanwhile, Fat Balls are still very popular, and some of ‘One-leg’s’ mates have been chewing the fat together today.

Also, a Wood Pigeon revisited and helped to clear up the mess the Squirrels made.

I didn’t mention the squirrels did I ? … Humph! …..

….. and the Pirate just sat and watched from the Holly Tree!

I will have to decide what to do with the Cherry Tree suckers soon. They are very pretty, but ?????

Gold Finch has learnt to wait patiently in the Holly tree and take its turn.

All we need now is some warm, bright, Spring weather.


Anne ….. April 12th, 2018.


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  1. cilla says:

    I’m guessing you wrote this before you were whisked away, Anne? Lots of lovely flowers, I love those tulips, and lots of lovely birds. Those Nest collecting pics are brill :good: Not so good on ratty but he looks quite cute ;-) It looks like a mahonia and the white hanging blossoms underneath look like a Pieris. I can’t help with the caterpillar, though. You take it easy from now on, it is lovely to see you back. :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Yes I did Cilla :lol: I was tickled with the nest collecting :-)
    … and I was pretty sure I could rely on you to come up with the names I didn’t know … thank you very much :love: … yes I will for a bit … nightnight :rose:

  3. Beanstew says:

    Brilliant photographs as ever, Anne – and they bring comfort and hope to Northern clickers who are starved of similar sights and fast giving up the will to live.

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Sheila :rose: … it’s all fairly recent, and I am guessing that your garden will soon catch up. Many of my plants that were overwintering well, were suddenly snuffed out during a vicious cold snap. It is cheering to see some coming thro’ now though :good:

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