An Idyllic Walk.

We went to Bradgate park so that I could renew the parking permit for OH’ birthday but, as saturday, especially a glorious saturday, would be heaving we parked in the car park and embarked on a walk we found last summer on the opposite side of the road.

It starts off alongside one of the 3 cafes in the village and soon opens out into a lovely field with views of the park behind us.

The field was edged with hedges full of blackthorn blossom.


At the top of the hill we climbed a stile, crossed the road and joined the footpath again. We started remembering the route and soon we were on a common. Everywhere looked glorious in the new spring green cloaks and walking was a pure pleasure.

To our right we could just see Groby Pool and I spotted a lady and her Westie coming out of a wood which we thought was private. We waited until she had crossed the field and asked her about the wood and another wood to our left. She said anyone could walk in either wood and they were both lovely. So we set off and walked into the wood on our left which sloped uphill.

New leaves were unfurling and to our right there was quite a drop into what may have originally been a quarry.

The bluebells were all starting to bloom and I finally captured the annoying and elusive chiffchaff who was collecting nesting material with its mate.

We retraced our steps, crossed a field, jumped over a stream and climbed a fence to enter the second wood.

I’m probably sad but I get sooo excited when I find a new wood, I just love them and this one was magical. We saw two jays flying from tree to tree and screaming their distinctive, eerie call.

Nearing the perimeter of the wood we discovered  the beautiful wood anemones, I love them and these were the first wild ones I had spotted this spring.

A stand of these pussy willows caught my eye, just beautiful.

We left the wood behind and walked back round the fields where a stream meandered its way out of another private wood.

A gorgeous burst of song assailed us as we neared the end of our walk and I just spotted this robin between the branches.

What a wonderful walk on a perfect spring day……and what better way to end it than sitting outside with a cuppa and toasted tea cake at the park’s cafe.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a gorgeous walk Cilla, thank you. The wood was wonderful & I just loved the blackthorn blossom, ours hasn’t appeared yet. Lovely, lovely pics. :love:

  2. gertie says:

    Lovely Cilla :love: beautiful woodlands and trees and Wood Anemones …I love them …thank you for that, and happy Birthday soon [?] for OH :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    Thanks girls. OH’s birthday is thursday Anne.

  4. That was glorious, Cilla and I can see you’ll be walking through those lovely woods again! Fabulous to see everything looking so lovely and well done on the chiff chaff :good:

  5. Beanstew says:

    While I was reading this, Cilla, I was just thinking that it would be excellent if GPs could prescribe your blogs to the housebound. I could practically feel the sunlight and experience the filtered light among the trees – and the last picture of the half-eaten teacake sent me to grub about in the larder. Bravo!

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