Another walk in the Park.

Another walk in the Park.

From Gertie’s garden we set off along our route to the Park, passing beautiful shrubs and blossoms along the way, well before we even reached our strolling destination.

The front gardens along the way were pristine and filled with interesting shrubs, many of which I know not the names!

Approaching the park entrance by the railway bridge was delightful apple blossom …..

… opposite a flowering cherry across the road.

Once we were past the gate, with its jolly poster, the first thing we noticed was that despite the fact that much of the pigeon tree had fallen into the water, the pigeons still perched on the higher branches, and water birds were nest-building on the fallen branch.

Other broken trees were left to languish, creating shadows and reflections in the rippling surface of the lake.

The ‘tropical’ palms had been hit by the long, cold Winter, but Dinosaurs and Water Fowl still bathed in the lakes ….

… and there were pink Bluebells, Primroses and Violets on the banks.

We like our park but both of us concurred that it was looking sadly unkempt after the

long, cold Winter; it had a scruffiness only exacerbated by the bright morning sunlight.

Nevertheless, we carried on around the lake, past my favourite Oak Tree, which was surrounded by a fence [??] and over the bridge. Rubbish that had been there before was still lying in the water underneath, and I stifled feelings of guilt that I hadn’t joined any working parties to clear up.

Stoggies were hopefully flocking at strategic points en route as families with children had come to the park to enjoy the sunshine … would they have goodies to eat?

The ground was parched, but in shady places flowers were blossoming, and the Heather, there in the Winter, was still beautiful.

At first glance it seemed as if work on the new Cafe site had slowed down, but further inspection showed footings/foundations had been laid and Dom was pleased to see all the historic pipe-work had been set to one side for further analysis.

Beneath beautiful, budding branches old pipes lay to one side on site ……

… and others, with fixtures and fittings ‘extraordinaires’ lay in a heap in a yard close by.

… fascinating stuff  :-) History unearthed from the site adjacent …..

Having seen the work in progress, and satisfying ourselves that we should be able to get a cuppa, come Summer, we wandered back homewards.

I was feeling pretty tired by now, but not too tired to admire the fresh leaves on the trees, listen to the raucous squawkings of the green Ring-necked Parakeets hiding up in tree foliage somewhere, and admire the beautiful clumps of white daffodils in the green grass, and the newly flowering Euphorbia along the way homewards.

Anne ….. 21.04.2018.

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  1. dixon says:

    Lovely photos gertie, like the fallen tree, sad though it may be. Lots of stoggies to. :lol: :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Dixon :good: I am glad that the trees have been left to languish in the lake, as at least the birds and water fowl get to enjoy them and they are rather magnificent photo opportunities too ;-) I think of you when I see the Stoggies :devil: :lol: :rose:

  3. Allan says:

    Nice lot of piccys Anne, :good: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thanks Allan …. it was good to get out walking again, and I was impressed by the shrubs along the way, and am still trying to identify them :lol: :rose:

  5. cilla says:

    It is good to see you back walking Anne, don’t overdo it though. ;-) The euphorbias are a picture at the moment aren’t they? You have some beautiful trees there and flowers. It really is a delightful park and your photos are lovely. Roll on cafe opening time :good: :lol:

  6. gertie says:

    :lol: Snap Cilla :lol: thanks .. .It is a lovely park and yes…roll on the café opening :good: :rose:

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