Cilla’s Kentish Adventure Day Two.

What a treat to make a cuppa and stay in bed without having to get up and feed birds and cats! I caught up with Hayley in the kitchen for breakfast and then we gathered coats etc. together and headed for the coast. We had a very bracing walk along Camber Sands with the wind whistling over us. The wind surfers were out but not many other walkers.

After our “brisk” walk we drove to Rye and had a quick look round the shops before buying prawn sandwiches to take to our next destination……my second visit to Great Dixter. We parked overlooking a view and ate the most delicious prawn sandwiches that really tasted of the sea. A little robin was perched nearby waiting to swoop down on the crumbs that Hayley was feeding it. Replenished we started our tour of the wonderful gardens. I will warn you now that there are a “lorra lorra” photos so feel free to yawn with boredom halfway through!

As we turned in to the first garden, through the green archway, the colour hit us. My camera doesn’t do them justice I’m afraid.

There was a fig tree  and these lovely dried flower heads in an old barn.

This little girl was stroking the cat so gently and puss was enjoying it. I remember the cat from last time we visited when Jane was with us.

I can’t recall ever seeing so many different  tulips and spring flowers anywhere. There were pots filled with every flower conceivable, just beautiful and overwhelming.

I’m getting drunk with all this colour!

There’s that photographer again, she keeps popping up!

We are coming to a quieter part of the garden although there are still splashes of colour.

I am going to leave you here as there are so many photos and will finish this with the next blog.


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  1. As you say Cilla, some amazing tulips. I’ve never visited this garden, might have to plan a visit to the lovely Hayley :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Again, so lovely throughout … one to put on the visit-list :good: Thanks for the glimpse Cilla: am so glad I planned to get more tulips next year, and this tells me to remember Myosotis too :good: :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow! Gorgeous photos Cilla, and what wonderful colour. Thank you for another great visit. :love:

  4. Hayley says:

    Dixter never disappoints me and I know how much you loved it before Cilla ;-) So pleased I have that ticket! :good: :lol:

  5. Absolutely beautiful and very different flowers from a summer’s day, as us gardeners expect! I remember the garden and the company well :rose:

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