Great Dixter continued.

Obviously there wasn’t a lot to be seen in the veggie garden apart from the rhubarb so we wandered back towards the house passing a Lutyens gate on the way.

We heard a familiar voice near the house and there was head gardener, Fergus Garratt, giving a tour but we didn’t linger.

We headed towards the exotic garden which was looking very sorry for itself as things were just starting to emerge so we whizzed through there.

As we neared the water we saw the skunk cabbage starting to flower and the gunnera just unfolding its impressive foliage.

We stopped to admire these lovely Pheasant’s Eye narcissus before making a beeline for the nursery…….it is a very good nursery and quite a relief that I couldn’t buy anything because I couldn’t carry it on the train…….it didn’t stop my friend though!

We regretfully left Dixter and stopped in a pretty town where we looked round a few shops and had fun trying on some clothes before returning to Hayley’s for a welcome cuppa and her delicious chocolate cake.

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  1. gertie says:

    It Looks so lovely Cilla, although I am surprised to find those Chestnut buds [?] way behind the ones I snapped a week or so ago, which are now great big leaves :shout: Clearly it is warmer inside London [as-it-were]… :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    I can’t remember what they were Anne but probably not chestnut as they were in the exotic garden.

  3. VegVamp says:

    Just gorgeous Cilla, goodness you did pack a lot in! Love those Gunnera buds – they look alien. Smashing set of pics. :good:

  4. I can see that you didn’t miss anything out :lol: Once again, fabulous, Cilla and Hayley :-)

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