When Hayley, Jane and I visited Sissinghurst two years ago it was in August and was heaving and I was rather disappointed with it, probably because it was heaving and you couldn’t really see it properly. How glad I am that we went back. We arrived early and looked round the NT shop so were there when the gardens opened. Our first port of call was the tower which I didn’t go up last time. It was a steep climb but I was glad I did it even though I was terrified at the top……in the blustery wind! I loved the room where Vita Sackville-West did her writing.

Out of the tower and off to find the gardens viewed from the top.

These were lovely paeonies and very early.

I love the way they train their roses as depicted above. So much to look at but I know you can just skip out if you are getting bored.

Whoops, here comes the paparazzi!

The pleached lime walk led us towards the perimeter of the gardens.

We spotted this unusual flower…….is it a tulip?

Someone had been busy deadheading.

The area above was absolutely beautiful with ferns unfurling, dappled shade and shafts of sunlight piercing it. Trilliums, euphorbias and all sorts of other delights. Cameras just don’t capture the atmosphere.

We had a selfie by the water….not with a phone but a camera….not easy!

We found a seat and just sat and admired the orchard  and listened to the birdsong.

What a lovely morning and how lucky we were with the weather.

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  1. gertie says:

    Your cameras did well Cilla :good: Lovely visit :rose:

  2. Hayley says:

    Beautifully illustrated just as it was my lovely ;-) We were lucky with the weather but you were also VERY brave to climb the tower!! :good: :lol:

  3. That was lovely, Cilla and you made the most of no crowds with those fabulous photos! I loved all the vantage points :good: Someone should’ve been there to take a pic of you to prove you were at the top of the tower… ;-)

  4. dixon says:

    Looks a nice place for a visit cilla. :-)

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