Sony World Photographic Exhibition, May 2018

Yesterday I visited this exhibition at Somerset House in London.

Three things struck me about the photography:

Much of the content was centred on sad, almost despairing moments around the world, especially in war torn countries.

There were many pictures of children.

The photographers narrative showed how passionate they were about their content.

Apologies for the quality, pictures of pictures are never a great success.

The pictures speak for themselves, I left with a frazzled mind, very thought provoking, especially since my aim in taking pictures is to uplift, maybe I should re-think!





More to come…..

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  1. gertie says:

    The stories in these photos are limitless Hayley ….. your uplifting ones will have stories to inspire too :good: :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    Very, very thought provoking H, and thank you for posting this. I suppose the “purpose” of photography, as with all forms of art is so varied, the communication of ideas, ideals, beliefs etc., to explore or challenge how we see, or perceive things, to be emotive, to tell a story, to report (as in Photographic reportage), to express beauty and I guess to generate strong emotions/reactions – and I’ve probably missed a load more. All valid, even if sometimes I fail to understand the artist’s meaning. For me, and it is only a personal preference, to be uplifted by art is wonderful. The ability to make/capture something beautiful is a rare and precious gift, so please don’t stop. :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    Karen has said it all perfectly so there is nothing much for me to add apart from the fact that I don’t want to see sad and upsetting images. I love the wildlife and landscape photos and that horse is inspiring. Please don’t go down the depressing road in your photography Hayley, your beautiful photographs are uplifting in an often depressing world. :love:

  4. These stories need to be told, Hayley; so thank you for sharing them with us. I find it uplifting that there are people who care enough to create such art. Your own photography comes from different experiences and is equally valid and uplifting :rose:

  5. Beanstew says:

    I am so glad I happened on this, Hayley – and I do thank you for posting these for us. They make us think, and wonder, and take us to places we may not often go – but should go to, if we want to be fully human. Thank you.

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