Teds Multiplying in Portugal

Teds Multiplying in Portugal

A group of Ted pals travelled to Portugal in a cosy, blanket-lined basket. They took their passports with them in their letter box. Dores, a Portuguese Ted herself, travelled with Anne and Dom on the aeroplane, and regaled the others with her flying tales when they arrived. They stayed up and chattered late into the night!

Dores told them of the anticipation she felt when their hired car took them into The Strip, a busy Tourist Street close to their destination.

“There are even more bright colours there than I remember from before!” she said excitedly.

The Strip was special because it was where Luciano and many of his Portuguese Ted friends had lived before they emigrated to the Crystal Palace Pads.

After a sound night’s sleep the Teds arose late, to a bright, though unexpectedly cold morning, and they were glad of their own furry coats when they went outside into the garden.

Each day they liked to sit on a brick table next to the Bar-B-Q.

Luciano had taken his guitar with him and soon they purchased a second pretty blue and white guitar for others to play too.

During the day time, Teds enjoyed lazing about in the garden ….. Luciano played and sang a little Fado* and the other Teds joined in.

Tig and Wilhelmina rambled around the sunny garden spotting bees …

… and when they needed a rest, they sunbathed on the green, Clover-dotted grass, surrounded by bright blooms, and early Dandelions.

There were bright blooms all over the Algarve in Portugal.

Going out together in the evenings to familiar restaurants, as well as finding new ones, became a cause célèbre during the holiday.

O Lusitano was excellent. They discovered fab things to do with potato peelings and they admired the pretty patterns of food on each dish.

Their favourite Restaurant was Churrasqueira Beira.

It was always busy because the food was delicious and the waiters and

cooks so friendly, that it was like dining in home comfort! Wilhelmina, used to eating sea food in Jamaica with her friends, Bobs and Maria, was impressed with the Langoustines and Squid!

They loved going to Churrasqueira Beira but a new Restaurant that particularly appealed to the Teds was called ‘O Teodósio’

The Sweets after Red Wine and Chips were so yummy!

This was their favourite wine … naughty Teds! …..

     … and have you noticed a new, yellow T-shirt, and is that Luciano or another Ted wearing a green one?

… Sometimes the views whizzing past car windows on the way back home after their feasts were rather blurry!

As their stay in Portugal progressed they were joined by other Teds … there is that yellow T-shirt again!

They lunched in their garden too, until one day it was Easter Sunday …

On Easter Sunday, the Teds sat in their favourite place in the Garden eating Easter eggs for breakfast, whilst singing and chatting. That’s Ronaldo, strumming alongside Luciano and singing with Wilhelmina.

For Easter Sunday dinner the Teds went to a special restaurant, far away and up in the hills and woods where the Cork Oaks grew.

They watched through the car windows as they drove through little towns and past wild countryside.

It was all so different from Crystal Palace, even from the C.P.Park!

The countryside was becoming pink, white and yellow, and they loved it.

When they had driven up the winding track to their destination, the Teds sat on the wall for a moment to look at the Cork Oak trees.

Then they settled themselves for another feast!

….. and oh, the puds!

“Come and see these!” shouted Dores.

The ‘pièce de résistance’ was Mango with the strawberry on top!

After dinner, Dores looked at the tired ole potted ‘Thing’ by the Entrance door and whispered , “Obrigada” before they went back to the car for the long drive back home.

That was the drive where they saw all the Storks in their post-top nests …..

…and more pink Judas Trees, which they liked.

On the last full day of their lovely holiday the Teds enjoyed dining in the Garden, looking at the flowers around about and sampling local honey … more of this another time. They had grown in number quite a lot, and not many teddy bears on key rings were left in Praia da Oura.

These other teddies hung about in one of the shops in The Strip, and when they came to the end of their holiday, Teds had to sadly say goodbye to those who were left behind. They left, Dores a little tearful, with assurances that they would look for their friends the next time that they visited.

Cosily tucked up inside Dom’s sun-hat the Teds settled down for the long drives and flight home …..

… all except Dores, who, at the last minute, decided she wanted to see everything again on the long journey home to the Crystal Palace Pads.

… and so Dores settled herself to enjoy going home.

Anne ….. March/April 2018.

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Must confess I approached this blog with some trepidation , Anne. Don’t mind telling you that I half expected lots of randy goings-on, as the Teds sought to multiply – but apart from the two guzzling wine, they have really been quite decorous. Lovely weather, lovely food and a lovely break for you and Dom (and us vicariously). Thank you.

    • gertie says:

      I must do some more exciting stories Sheila …you have given me food for thought :good: … but you are correct in that this was really a holiday blog :rose: as for the food ………….. ;-)

  2. Can see you had a fab time, Anne! I love the cork oak trees!

  3. gertie says:

    Those Cork Oaks are amazing Jane … They are all over the Algarve as are Eucalyptus trees :and, of course, Palms :rose:

  4. Hayley says:

    What an adventure Anne! Fabulous pictures, you always find beauty in the world, I love that :lol: :good:

  5. gertie says:

    Thank you Hayley :-) What a lovely thing to say … :rose:

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