Yesterday I plucked two Rhubarb stalks from my little Rhubarb plant.

Any ideas for cooking it without the use of oodles of sugar would be most welcome please.

Anne  …  12th May 2018.

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  1. They seem to make good parasols :lol:

  2. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    :lol: Nice one Jane :lol: but what else can I do with them!!! :rose:

  3. I’ve been doing a search for you ;-) I abhor the term ‘clean eating’ but this page uses other fruit to sweeten the rhubarb:
    link to thegraciouspantry.com

  4. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    Thanks Jane …what a brilliant idea … why didn’t I think of that!! :lol: I’ll let you know how it goes :good: :rose: :rose:

  5. Profile photo of cilla cilla says:

    Love the photo of Dom. You can use sweet cicely to sweeten rhubarb but I don’t know what quantity.

    • Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

      I have that in full flower at the moment,and it has spread and coming up elsewhere …yippee! Thanks Cilla. :rose:

  6. Hi Anne,I use honey to sweeten mine. I’m impressed with the quality of the stalks. Bless Dom for posing with the rhubarb

  7. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    Of course…didn’t think of that either…I am being dumb this week :mad: :silly: Thanks Lynn :rose:

  8. That’s what we’re are all here for to help :good: you are not dumb, just preoccupied. :rose:

  9. Profile photo of Beanstew Beanstew says:

    Dear Anne – I hope you have not rushed to cook that rhubarb. If I were you, I would keep the handsome Dom posing artistically with it for a day or so before consigning it to pot or oven……

  10. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: words fail me sheila :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rose:

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