Gertie’s Garden, End of May.

Gertie’s Garden, End of May.

There’s a new white rose clambering into the Holly Tree and Cotoneaster blooms. Both white blooms look lovely with the Red rose up high.

The little yellow roses flush pink with maturity in the sunshine!

From an adjacent garage roof a Blackbird watches and sings for his mate, nesting in the Lornica mass ….. whilst a Starling  teaches its young to eat.

The fidgety  big ‘Little One’ watched its parent intently … backwards and forwards to  fetch mealworms! The parent worked really hard!

It’s no wonder the parents look much slimmer than the Youngsters!

These are the same flock of Starlings that visit Bobs’ feeders across the road, and I saw, from a video that Maria shot on her mobile, that they have learnt to feed themselves, tho’ mainly from a dish, not yet from the dangling feeders!

It’s a relief to have to stop hacking away at this tangle for a while!  The hen Blackbird is over the other side and I mustn’t disturb her. All these sacks have been taken to the Tip, and am now stacking up some more … unless I can put bits in the Composter bin of course.  So far, so good.


On May 28th I saw purple Clematis high in the trees again, with the roses.

….. There’s a satisfying celebration of colours whichever way you look! …..

… even viewed from the neighbours!

Today, the last day of May, it has been warm and damp, tiny little showers … ideal garden conditions for some flowers. More young birds have visited demanding food from their exhausted parents … Coal Titmice for example.

That Coal Tit parent looks frazzled but look at the Blue Titmouse in the following picture, poor thing! Those babies are not as cute as they look methinks … or maybe it’s the fight to see which parent gets the most food!!

I watched for a while and although the baby was demanding to be fed, it was also able to fend quite well for itself I noted, when the parent birds flew off … for a rest?

Earlier, Starlings had  flown in briefly too …..

… “Feed me Daddy!” ….

“Aw, belt up!”

I have looked in vain for the one-legged Blue Titmouse …..

Peace is in bud … we think that the Blackbirds have given up on their nest.

Pink roses are brief and fade fast, but very pretty.

I wonder what’s next?

Rather wish I were making more Elder flower ‘champagne’.

Anne ….. 31.05.2018


12 Responses

  1. gertie says:

    … the one with the baby birds! :lol: :rose:

  2. Tubs says:

    Lovely roses, elderberry jelly is lovely as well and a spoonful in homemade yogurt is very good I think.

  3. cilla says:

    What a hive of activity Anne, so many birds and babies, you must be very pleased. My starling babies sit and scream for the suet balls which the parents favour…..50 a week I am getting through :-( Your roses and other flowers are beautiful, it is a lovely floriferous time in the garden and exciting to see what is coming in to flower next. :-)

    • gertie says:

      it is interesting Cilla, even Dom is hooked ;-) :good: … and I am with you on the fat balls :confused: and don’t they scream, those Starlings, only to be out-done by the squabbling Goldfinches ! :lol:

  4. Not only a beautiful garden, Anne, but also a wonderful menagerie!!

  5. dixon says:

    Lovely roses gertie mine are budding at the moment, one or two in blossom :rose: I have lots of sparrows with their young to,, must visit for a feed four or so times a day. :-)

  6. gertie says:

    :good: yes Dixon …. have never before noticed so many in the garden . They are so interesting to watch. :rose:
    BTW, do you still have House Sparrows in your neck of the woods? :rose:

  7. Yewbarrow says:

    brilliant pics Anne, love the birds, we have had loads visit this year, including starlings , its been a terrific spring so far, the blossom on everything has just gone mad

  8. gertie says:

    Thanks Jenny :-) I love the way the gardens grow birds as well as flowers :lol:
    And it is also apparent that the delayed Spring has given garden plants around the UK more time to grow and bloom bigger and better too :rose:

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