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Have updated the site today. So far things that we know are broken:

Forum avatars – forum avatars are an issue with the forum software itself so not sure when it’ll be fixed.

Menu from phones and probably some tablets too – if you select the ‘Desktop Version’ from your device options you should be ok to use the site just now.

Media library for posts/blogs – appears not to be working for me

Anything else that’s not working, please leave as a comment. Ta!

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  1. cilla says:

    I couldn’t access the site on my mobile last night Duncan but it is okay on my tablet.

  2. Hayley says:

    Photographs are uploading to the forum very smoothly, thank you for the fixes Duncan :good: :-)

  3. Tubs says:

    When I zoomed up to 125 to read better the side columns are getting wider and the middle bit where we read and write is getting narrower, before when I was zoomed the middle stayed the same and I lost the right column.

  4. Emoticons are massive on group posts – tried editing it out but didn’t work.

  5. gertie says:

    Those massive emoticons have always come up if you have to edit something, Duncan, Jane :rose:
    BTW on another point, I like the fact that you can sometimes add a picture to a reply to comments …. :good: Thank you

  6. gertie says:

    Duncan … am not sure that I am getting all my notifications on GC site, top left of Clicks page, although they ARE coming through to my own email account.
    :dunno: Has this been noticed elsewhere?
    Anne :rose:

  7. Definitely no notifications of replies to clicks, private messages etc. Should appear on the left of the screen. Get some but not all via email.

  8. Duncan says:

    Notifications working again now.

  9. gertie says:

    Like the added photo for a reply, .thank you … but it takes only one … a second overrides it..Sorry if I’m being greedy ;-) :lol: :rose:

  10. gertie says:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-login.php on this server.

    Duncan I keep getting this screen when I attempt to log off ….. it is permanently attached to my Chrome intro page. I will mention it to my Geek but thought you might want to know?
    HAGD, Anne :rose:

  11. Ambersparkle says:

    I cannot read my messages, as they are now in a column down the middle which I cannot expand out to read then, so I can only see a couple of words down a very narrow column in the middle. I am unable to reduce the 3 columns I now have when I open the website. Any help appreciated Tina

    • Walt says:

      If you are using the Chrome browser, as I am, then try holding down the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel, if you use a mouse, to set to 90%..

    • VegVamp says:

      Hi Tina, is this on a smart phone?

    • Tubs says:

      I have same problem so have not been on for a while, when zoomed up 125 or 150 to read the print the middle goes smaller and smaller until only one or two words on line, the 2 columns either side get wider and wider. Left side is wider than it used to be all people who had been on line were in 2 lines not 3. The right column vanished off the screen to the right and you had to use the slider at the bottom to move to the right column, this slider (do not know what it is called) has vanished, I am using laptop and Chrome.

    • VegVamp says:

      Hi Tina & Tubs, I can now see what you are talking about, that’s not good. Will chat to Duncan and see what we can do.

  12. Tubs says:

    Thank you, just an observation, the main posts letters are one size but the replies are much smaller print. Just realised I have gone on internet explorer by mistake and it is working for me, just this bit have not looked at anything else!!.

  13. Ginnybean says:

    Not been on for a while and was worried when I saw the tiny log in box. but the log in worked fine……Not got my glasses on… disappeared… so hard work anyway…… Good luck with the re-vamp… I will go and have a browse….

  14. gertie says:

    Sorry to be a pain, but am having increasing difficulty, despite Karen’s stoic help, in getting pictures in blogs onto the screen with even spaces between them. All I try to do is a simple layout of a column of evenly spaced pictures, down the centre line, with occasional interspersed text, aligned to left between some of them. The stuff jumps about and seems to have a life of its own and I can’t get it even … it’s driving me bananas ! I know it’s not ‘Shakespeare’ but .I like putting up my garden diaries and chatting in the comments section when they come…I value often helpful hints… I don’t want to stop putting them on, but it seems to be increasingly difficult to do so! HELP PLEASE! Anne xx :rose:

  15. gertie says:

    Pictures not uploading any which way today … have given up for the moment. :rose:

  16. gertie says:

    1 cannot get a photo enlargement when I click on a picture …. screen just goes darker and the circle whirls around and around and around …… :confused: :rose:

  17. gertie says:

    ‘ You don’t have permission to access /wp-login.php on this server’

    Frequently get this comment when trying to log out … and it does not log out! :confused: :rose:

    hope all these observations help.

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