Gertie’s Garden Diary in June … First Part.

Gertie’s Garden Diary in June … First Part.

Peace bloomed fully on June 1st. And a pair of Stoggie s bounced about in the Holly tree, looking for a way to get into the bird feeders …..

Black Elder blossoms [Sanbucus niger ], deliciously  frothy pink, are taking over from Clematis Montana, and a black cat revisited and sat in the  place where Monty last sat.

It was colourful … a ‘jumble’ [as described by Tubs; … Daughter says ‘cluttered’.]

This bedraggled  little critter has been working hard for its offspring that sits and watches from the Holly tree!

In GG the Pest-man came and removed a very live Wasps’ nest … the one from which I was stung last week!”

I rescued an ailing bee which was crawling about on the floor of the Glassroom, utterly weary. It couldn’t fly and wouldn’t sup sugar water from a dish. I ended up putting it on the sprouting Christmas tree and giving it a little blob of honey, which it tucked into.  It was fascinating watching a hover fly investigating and being shooed away with a wave of the bee’s leg. The bee eventually gained enough strength to fly away …  “Hurrah!”

A few days later, I rescued two more with reviving honey.

Have cut down most of the Honeysuckle … extraordinary stuff, so strong and tenacious. I will definitely re-plant some bits I have save when I am ready as I think it will be strong enough to grow again. It has grown entwined and blossomed in other areas of the garden … I won’t lose it!

 Meanwhile, next week, when the jollifications over the weekend are finished, I will dig out the roots [I hope!!]and prepare the proposed new bed in the sunshine. For now it’s a messy work in progress … but oh, such light !

The blue Geranium is back … yes! … and Fuchsias are beginning to bloom …..

….. also the daisy-like flowers of Senecio shrub, Daisy Bush ? …..

….. and Penstemon as I sprayed a shower over it from the hose!

The yellow Hypericum has two forms in GG. This is a bush , where it perfectly contrasts with the Black Elder, and its pink sprays  of flowers …..

This one, St John’s Wort, with its fluffy pink whiskers, grows low and prolific!

There is a White Foxglove in a pot too, and other white flowers, like Camomile and Campanula … [ of which I shall send bits to Karen at the appropriate time.]

In the mass of weeds growing in a corner of the posh, new gardens over the back,  a Goldfinch was having a feast, as it  perched on the gently swaying stems in the evening light.

This afternoon , after a cool start, the sun is shining and I am sweeping the paths:  it needs doing every day what with leaves moulting from the Holly, petals from a fast turn-around of roses and other leaves ripening and being shed … never stops!

I was sad that there was no one wandering through GG on the weekend, but realise that, apart from lack of time, it has become too closed in and crowded, so am vigorously cutting back certain unwelcome ‘pushy’ vegetation, before I get on with digging out the Honeysuckle roots … a step too far in energy-use at the mo!

I was looking back at photos from around six years ago and felt that there was something to be said for clean, navigable  paths!


He little Scarlet Roses are lovely at the moment , despite the ‘Black Spot’ … great brown splodges, on most of the leaves. I have cut out lots of it, but frankly know not what to do next as I can’t seem to eradicate it. I hate spraying with fungicide but may take to doing so when it’s nearly dark: I worry for the bees.

….. and this year, this one [maroon Clematis] got away to the other side!

… but these came back … along with some edibles, tho’ strawbs are naff!

So far so good  …… a remarkable recovery after a cold and crazy start to the growing year.

Am now in the process of continuing cutting back, pruning, making a new bed [better late than never] and enjoying it….. and did I mention that Dom is pretty sure that the Blackbirds didn’t desert their nest, the young one fledged!

Anne ….. Mid-June 2018.

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  1. Len says:

    beautiful pictures anne.

  2. cilla says:

    It all looks very colourful Anne, some beautiful bloomers there. Incredible structures these wasp’s nests but not what you want in the shed ;-) I wouldn’t personally spray roses for black spot, too dodgy for the wildlife. My Zephrine Drouin rose has it every year but it doesn’t affect the blooms so I can ignore the leaves. Do be careful digging up your roots, isn’t there a strong man would do it for you? It is exciting to have a new project though. I look forward to watching the progress. :-)

    • gertie says:

      Thank you for the tip on the roses Cilla … I must admit it doesn’t seem to affect the blooms … really don’t understand it :confused:
      Dom will help me with the roots when I get down to it and I’ll keep a diary of any progress we make ;-)

  3. Your garden looks glorious, Anne and brilliant that you helped to save some bees!

  4. Beanstew says:

    Why is it that younger people often suffer from a lack of tact and imagination simultaneously? I refer to your daughter’s use of the word “cluttered” – which could equally have been used by my own daughter. Have either of them ever looked closely at how Nature grows? It’s pretty cluttered too. Lovely photographs as always, Anne – and the picture of rubbish bagged for the dump struck a chord here too. Wish I had more bags.

    • gertie says:

      :lol: I think the sweet young gals mean it kindly Sheila :lol: Sadie has a bigger garden, and SPACE!! so mine is definitely ‘cluttered’ [like the house indoors :excruciating: ]
      Anyway, thanks Sheila :-) … and BTW we regularly re-use our strong plastic bags by emptying them into the garden section at the Tip and bringing them back to refill : :rose:

      • Beanstew says:

        I re-use the sacks too, which are mostly old compost bags – just need more of them, as I can still see behind me in the overhead mirror while driving. Car is in an awful mess.

        • gertie says:

          :giggle: know that state Sheila … frankly, who cares , they’re our cars to do with whatever …. you’re right on the old compost bags too… they may be slightly smaller but are much tougher :good: good luck with the earth-moving :good: :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    Lovely wild garden gertie, my roses are just starting to bloom. Must take some keeping up with but well worth it. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Thanks Dixon :rose:
    Interesting how your roses are only just beginning to bloom. I notice, when we are driving around, how in different areas, roses in particular , have varying timetables for blossoming!

  7. Goldfish says:

    Beautiful garden and super photos. I cannot seem to get close enough to get my birds.

  8. gertie says:

    Thanks Vashte … I do let it ‘off the rein’ so to speak , quite a lot, but it’s a great source of fun and enjoyment, and lately, therapeutic exercise :lol:
    I usually click through an adjacent upper window from behind a curtain[!]to get my bird shots tho’ have noted that many now just ignore me when they are feeding and I am pottering away…also, some seem to come in when I appear … maybe they have cottoned on to ‘appearance of that scruffy gardener means food!’ :lol: HAGrestful day today :good: :rose:

  9. A lovey look at your garden Anne, it has a glorious amount of colour and varation in it. Our gardens never stop needing to be rearranged or reinvented, but are so forgiving, it can be hard to be a bit ruthless with some of our well established plants that have perhaps out grown there welcome, but the new possibilities are endless, with extra space,light etc, can’t waits to seemthe end result, but don’t over do it. :rose:

  10. shedsue says:

    Bloomin marvellous Anne…not cluttered but Interesting :good: ….Its just my cup of tea :good:

    • gertie says:

      Oh bless you Susie …. I would love to have a space like yours where you have gravelled and potted on raised beds [that’s how I remember it so I hope I have it correct :fingers-crossed: ] it’s so very clear and pretty, but we must work with what we have. :good:
      Hope Bazzer is getting fit again :good: :rose:

  11. Walt says:

    That’s the way I like it :-) It is beautiful. And there is my favourite rose, ‘Peace’. I must get a couple :good:

  12. gertie says:

    Thank you :walt: :rose:
    If I ever manage to strike a cutting Walt you shall have it, but don’t hold your breath as my cuttings are not doing well at the mo … maybe later in the Autumn? when the sap is going back to the roots :-) :good: :rose:

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