Gertie’s Garden Diary … June 2018, Part Two.

Gertie’s Garden Diary … June 2018, Part Two.

We have reached 21st June, Summer Solstice, and it’s a beautiful morning.

Have collected a few currants but most are not yet fully ripe.

Am hoping for lots of Blackberries and more Rhubarb too.

Meanwhile the garden goes on flowering, and I bought two pots of blue Delphiniums this morning … love the blue.

They will, of course, be planted on Blue Hill.

The white-tailed Bombus  lucorum , I think it’s that and not a very similar Bombus terrestris, [a Buff tailed Bumble with similar habits!] that is busy around the whiskery St. John’s Wort!

Fuchsias are dancing.

Even though I cut off all the rust-affected leaves ten days ago, Purple Oxalis is making a comeback … am really chuffed.  I hope that it will still have time to blossom.

The hedge in the corner looks like an old-fashioned fabric print … love it !

I also bought this delicate rose, which, because the pot was damaged, cost very little. I am hoping that it will survive in GG; it’s such a pretty shape and colour but I have no idea what its name is! … I might call it Susie.


Another lovely bright morning … just right for gardening!

In the Privet tree, now full of scented blossom, there is a nest with a clucking Blackbird in it …and I found a poor, little dead baby on the path …. Corvid? I thought Starling at first but I think it’s too big: It’s about 3 inches long … ish!

An older Crow baby noisily demanded food from a doting parent.

As I pottered around GG, planting Delphiniums, watering, digging out more deep roots from the Honeysuckle bush and dead-heading roses, birds came and went on the feeders. Often they come into GG as soon as I do, as if they know that my presence means more food, either feeders or worms!

The little dead baby, after measuring it,  I threw into a big patch of wild flowers over the wall, to go the way Nature otherwise intended for it: poor little thing.

After  lots of work I was tired , and came in to find that Dom was preparing supper, which we ate in front of TV and the penultimate episode of ‘The Bridge’. Have now bathed and am ready for byebyes.

There’s a bit of tenacious stump left! …..

… back to this in the morning!

Saturday. a.m. Mixed fortunes. Two more little birds on the ground, under the Privet …. must be Blackbirds. The nest is now deathly quiet and empty :-) Sad.

A small Tortoiseshell Butterfly fluttered down and waved its wings gently in the sunshine next to where I was busily digging and sifting dirt!   Happy :-)

As I tidied to go in for lunch and ‘footie’ I noticed one of the young Starlings on the feeder. He thought he was hiding … hah!

Today, June 24th 2018, is Midsummer’s Day; the longest day in the year.

In the delicately scented Privet blossoms a Red Admiral luxuriated for many minutes … long enough for me to go upstairs and retrieve the camera … again!

When I was working out in GG’s front room the butterfly came back briefly too.

The sunlight had a lovely effect on blooms as its rays moved around to the west.

… and the Oxalis is already flowering ….. yippee!

As soon as the Pirates vacated en masse young Blue Titmice took over the fat balls. It’s been a busy but satisfactory day again in the garden and slowly GG is looking more cared for. We have noticed that every week new patches of colour appear as former ones die off. It’s lovely… and birds keep coming too.


Monday 25th June 2018

It has been VERY HOT all day and through most of the previous night … too hot to do much except water GG and Number 12, which I did as usual, whilst my friends are being caring Grandparents in Isleworth!

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Have watered some very thirsty, hot flowers this evening! The photo was taken pre-Dawn at 03.58 this morning, through the Glassroom windows.

A stray bean I had pushed into the soil at the edge of the new-patch-to-be, is growing strongly … it’s just to the right of the little bath that’s nearly sitting over it!     Ain’t Nature marvellous :-)

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

This morning, as the sun eventually came from behind the clouds, there was a flurry of activity around the bird feeders.

When the Pirates had had their fill, various Titmice also came for preference to the fat balls. I noted several young Blue Tits with their still grey pates.

Adult Gold finches were keeping youngsters off their Niger seed feeder whilst they gorged what was left [I refilled the feeder  in the evening after cleaning it a bit … they get quite mucky!] There was lots of activity in and around the Holly and Cotoneaster trees and I was happy to see that.

Those young Blue Titmice were quite bold and let Starlings know that they were waiting! ….. In the evening I had watched a Crow family of two adults and their ravenous youngster, so big, he was only distinguishable by his Feed me Daddy!”  behaviour, move from their perches in the Turkey Oak … here reflected in the Glassroom window … to chimney pots across the back in an adjacent road.

I love the way in which birds find the tallest perch that they can to sit upon, then survey all around … what wonderful freedom!  A Wood pigeon sat at the top of an old tree nearby … a pigeon, clearly distinguishable by  its fat shape!

A Full Moon hid for ages behind the Turkey Oak, peeping through the branches and forcing me to climb the stairs to the roof for a tantalising glimpse!

That was a gentle gardening day , simply watching and watering.

June 28th, 2018.

Before going to bed I popped up to the roof and got a clear shot of that lovely  Full Moon unimpeded by the framework of Turkey Oak fronds.

It’s much too hot to work outside … what a pity … will have to watch the footie instead  with a bowl of freshly picked currants from GG. ;­-)

….. Tonight, watering, and soon, another trip to the Tip: over half a dozen bags so far. The pavement outside needs brushing again; Privet blossom falls each day, littering the ground, but it still smells lovely. Butterflies & bees love it!

Whilst out on the balcony, watering and feeding the tomato plant which Aynsley gave me as a tiny shoot, and which now has two healthy-looking clutches of yellow flowers, I met two new neighbours who have at last moved into one of the revamped houses at the back. We introduced ourselves to each other over the fence, and briefly discussed our mutual love of wild life [yes!] and exchanged names. They are Rebecca and Mark and they seem very pleasant. I had apparently had a brief word with their son the day before when he was cutting down the weeds in which the Goldfinch had been tasting  such delicacies earlier this month.

June 29th, 2018

It’s almost the end ofJune. Outside it is incredibly hot. Where little plants were shaded  I watered  roots with the watering can, but later on this evening I will use the hose with its accurate spray, whilst I can … there being no hose ban as yet. In this prolonged heat the Geranium leaves are changing to glorious colours very quickly, vying for brilliance with other blooms.

Rhubarb and Campanula are reappearing.

Soon another Clematis will adorn Dom’s shed, along with Thornless Blackberries.

Heucheras are gorgeous ….. I love coloured leaves.

The little rose I have decided to plant in a large terracotta pot, as soon as I can get Dom to manhandle it into a good position! This weekend, before July.

I wonder what next month will bring?


There is the ‘lottieplot’ to finish …

The end wall to strengthen … a job for Dom methinks …

Berry bushes to replant there in the sunshine … an Autumn job.

Dom would like Gooseberries … an Autumn job.

Baskets to sort out and rearrange for next year …

A bench to replace in the Inglenook, another Dom-job …

White Campanula to take cuttings of and send to N. Ireland … an Autumn job.

Some mending to do on the bench by Dom’s shed …

Dom’s shed to repaint … an Autumn job.

A lot of cutting back of riotous rambling pretty stuff … when? … an Autumn job?

Anne  ….. 29 06.2018.


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  1. Lovely, as ever, Anne :-) Lots of colour :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane … I am constantly surprised and happy at how it all recovers and soldiers on regardless at what is thrown at it weather-wise! :rose:

  3. dixon says:

    At last my roses are in bloom gertie :rose: looking pristeen to. sorry about the baby crow. :disappointed: I think the Magpies got to the eggs of my Dunnoks. :excruciating:

  4. gertie says:

    Great on your roses Dixon, :good: tho’sad about the Dunnocks :excruciating: … something got our second lot of Blackbirds too :disappointed: Maybe they’ll try again? :rose:

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