Hampton Court Flower Show …[ parts three and four]

Hampton Court Flower Show-3

After Orchids … from the Sublime to the Ridiculous!

… or as it says on the label, “From Toyland to Wonderland”.

Following the ingenuity of the Scarecrows outside ….. eg. Dele Alli ….

… and the glorious orchids inside the Floral Marquee …..

… we continued to look around and found wonders everywhere; everything ‘au point’ so to speak. There were painted petals …..

… Lovely Clematis …

… fiercesome, [and dainty] ‘meat-eaters’/Carnivorous plants !  …..

… and miniature landscapes you wanted to gather in your arms and take home to your own gardens!

This delightful bench was just the right size for one of my teddy bears, Buster! but too big for the Teds and too small for me!

Bees appreciated the blossoms, though hopefully not the meat-eaters!

There was clearly much love and care given to the growth and arrangements of the lovely flora around us.

Dom was impressed with Lucifer: it’s so much brighter than our ordinary GG. Crocosmia ….. and I liked …..

…  this colourful Euphorbia/Spurge type of plant…should have taken names!

I’ll stop here by these pretty Foxgloves and the deep, almost black Hollyhock, which I now know is called Alcea rosea nigra [never have been big on names!]

There was so much more, but after three hours of walking and looking we were fading out somewhat, so it was ‘find-and-sit-and-drink-another-cuppa’ time, and wonder where to go to next.


Anne .

Hampton Court Flower Show

Preview – Finale

There is heaps more to show you, we were there for over five hours! But I sense a falling off of energy so will just pop in a few bits and pieces … you could get a straw hat – if you had thirty quid to spare – luckily I had lent mine to Dom and I wore my gardening titfer! … no matter, the veggie beds were scrumptious …..

… and there were beautiful tomatoes clambering up poles in the veg tent, that put my little plant to shame!

Good ole Woodland trust! … and I loved the old Citroen Van, and eleplants!

There was heaps more to see, but it was so hot, that we sat down and had another cuppa, before wending our way to a tree-sheltered spot to watch the Fireworks [fiery flowers] ; before a relatively traffic-free drive home.

Anne, 02.07.2018


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  1. Loved the old Citroen, Anne :good: I can believe the show was too hot – being on your feet for hours takes its toll… You obviously enjoyed it though and photos help you to remember it all :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    I go expecting ‘same old’ but always find more Jane. I was impressed by giant crotchet-worked pot, wheel barrow and watering can on display too … imaginative applications from hard working and dedicated people…loved it :good:

  3. cilla says:

    A feast for the eyes Anne and you did well to stay that long in that heat. Some remarkable exhibits, what imaginations these folks have to come up with new ideas each year. Thank you for the trip :-)

  4. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla ….you’re welcome :good: I do enjoy them … will definitely try to get to Malvern in the Autumn :rose:

  5. Hayley says:

    Just as wonderful as ever by the looks of it Anne. I love the setting of HC, beautiful. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Thanks Hayley, I agree, and it’s vast too. I don’t think we saw all of it by any means. Did you go in the end? I think you said that you were going to :rose:

  7. Hayley says:

    Sadly not this year Anne, so your pictures are a pleasure to look at :rose: :-)

  8. gertie says:

    Oh dear, next time Hayley :good: :rose:

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