GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week One.

GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week One.

It made my day when I saw this Squidge jump from here to the edge of a Holly branch! … what a magnificent leap!… He/she was raiding the Niger seeds after sitting in the bird table eating Meal-worms! This was on Monday, July 2nd.

June 30th, 2018 …..  Last night’s Moon had a lovely red.glow.

Today it was very hot, but after watering this evening, I have managed at last to dig out the twisted stump and roots of the Lornica, except for one stubborn root…‘there’s always that little bit in the corner you can’t get out!’ … [‘Beyond The Fringe’. 1960s ]

It was still hot out there, so I gave up and came in to watch Suarez score a super goal for Uruguay, which eventually helped to knock Portugal out of the Cup.

Monday 2nd, July

Another scorching day! Watered this morning as will be out at the Hampton Court Flower Show Preview tonight …      b’day treat.

It was lovely.

Back in GG the next day, this late starter is now beginning to bloom ….

… and by the weekend, it was blooming up the side of Dom’s shed.

Meanwhile we went to Wisley on Friday 6th July and I brought back a few plants for GG. Set them down to await a ready garden space whilst I chased another Holly Blue butterfly. We had seen crowds of Cabbage Whites at Wisley.

On Sunday, July 8th, I emptied bricks and other rubbish from the large tin bath, hoping to clear the new patch, but it was still too heavy. I contented myself with mentally leaving the renewed splendiferous patch for next year and noted that the pink & white Penstemon was now flourishing.

Most Fuchsias are in full swing, [though I fear for the potted one with pink/cream variegated leaves]….. pruning during that vicious cold spell [remember that?] was very hit and miss, and ends are drying and shrivelling.!

This thriving little Hydrangea cutting is a satisfying blue … for now … and I hope I can keep it that way when I find a spot to transplant it and grow it to full size.

The main resident Hydrangea, a very thirsty bush, has responded to coffee grounds by being indeterminate shades of pink and mauve together!

Dame de Court is struggling valiantly in the heat, producing new shoots from the base, and flowering like mad, though a little frazzled by the heat!

I came indoors hot and weary on Sunday evening but cheered by the renewed efforts of the late Clematis gaily climbing up the side of Dom’s shed next to the flourishing Thornless Blackberry rambler!

Anne  ….. Week 1, July 2018.

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  1. cilla says:

    Everything seems to be thriving Anne, having a smaller garden is an advantage in the heat. The colours are gorgeous and the penstemon is very pretty. I love the leaping squirrel, haven’t seen ours for ages. I love the hydrangeas, mine aren’t showing any flowers yet, they are very thirsty.

  2. gertie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me Cilla :love: :rose: Will water tonight … need to refill my coffers with a cuppa first, after them taking yet more blood out to test me :confused: :-( :rose:

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