Comfrey tea with very little smell and a consistant strength. Make a simple press, a plastic container with a lid. The size of the container depends on the amount of Comfrey you have available, I use a plastic dustbin. Drill a couple of 12mm holes central in bottom of container, for drainage Cut a square of wood that fits inside container, it helps to cut the 4 corners off, The container needs to stand on something so a bucket can go under to catch the Comfrey liquid. Fill container with Comfrey leave leaves, place wood on top , add some weight, then put lid on to keep out rain. It’s a bit slow starting but after just keep adding more leaves. Bottle and use as required, my watering cans are 2 gallon and I add a pint of Comfrey juice. This is all I feed my tomatoes this year plus a couple of spoons of Epsom Salts for the Magnesium

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Brilliant Tony! This is just what I need, and you have strengthened my backbone. Will no longer waste a very large bed of Simon’s comfrey.

  2. Good advice, Tony, as ever. And if you ever want to get rid of the ‘used’ leaves, they should go straight in the compost bin :-)

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