GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week Two.

GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week Two.

I just love it when the late afternoon sun shines down through the leaves and petals.

This was all on July 12th  when  the sun was blistering hot and I ended up overdoing it, and getting another nose-bleed!

The reason was the excavating  …. there were large lumps of aggregate buried under the garden and bits of old pottery edgings. It was like doing a ‘Dig’.

By July 13th, this edge was sorted, and the lump hefted out!

Work on the plot space continues. I have blocked the gaps in the side wall and Dom is refixing the end wall.

Meanwhile two workers passing by, who loved the Downstairs’ Lilies and big, white Hydrangea-type flowers that I water,  came in at my invitation and looked around, chatting about gardens and blooms in general.

Baby Blue Titmouse popped in and had a good ole preen in the sunshine!

Gold Finches were having their usual noisy squabbles around the Niger seeds …

… where earlier a lone youngster was feeding in peace.

At one stage , young birds of different species tolerated each other!

In the past few days, when I have been cutting back, cleaning paths, sweeping and generally tidying, a young Robin has re-appeared and followed me around. He/she likes the dried mealworms I leave about for his/her delectation! I would dearly love for the Robin to eat from my hand but at least it hasn’t yet reached the stage of flying away when I am about … quite the opposite.

Up above Helicopters from the RAF Displays flew home to base, in a sky that threatened rain, but did not keep its promise.

It’s quite tiring working in the sun, heat, humidity,  but satisfying,  as GG is gradually sorted out this year. Although I haven’t had as much energy as usual, and clearly have to continue going slow for a while, I still find GG the most satisfying place to work.

Anne 14.07.2018.

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  1. You have been busy along with Dom, I’m trying to work out where this bit of garden is in relation to the rest of your garden and flat? I think I’ve just confused myself even more :confused: :excruciating: :mad:

  2. Sorry I should have also said, your garden looks very pretty, it’s at its peak now as is mine, we need some rain and cooler temps though other wise everything will be finished by August :-(

  3. gertie says:

    Thanks Lynn :-) have made a composite photo and sent it in an email. It’s not very good and I’ll try to do a better one.I find that keeping this illustrated diary helps me to keep track.At present GG seems quite in between ; each month seems to bring a different set of blooms to enjoy, which is rather pleasing. :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    It does look pretty Anne and am watching the developments on “the space” ;-) Our goldfinches disappeared for a while but are slowly returning. Funnily enough I was watching a baby robin from the back door yesterday. It sat on the edge of the big bird bath but decided to hop down to the small terracotta water dish for a bath :-) How lovely to have people looking round and admiring your beautiful garden…’s rich tapestry and all that :-)

    • gertie says:

      “the space” ;-) , it is named :good: thank you Cilla :lol: :rose:
      We were discussing it yesterday with friend downstairs who asked what I would do with it. Dom reminded me of the possibility of a Greenhouse, but I have now dispensed with that idea. I was going to have a veg plot, but on re-thinking, I may have a mixed-veg-&-flowers space. I like Lynn’s idea of a bed with flowers to cut, as frequently give posies to the little girl downstairs who adores flowers, and to other friends too: even ended up picking a tiny posy for a passing tot [with her Dad] who had stopped to look- she liked the pink Hydrangeas! :-) :rose:

  5. Lovely Anne – apart from the concrete but that’s gone now :lol: You have a lot more birds than me at the mo – mine have gone on holiday!

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Jane :rose:
      The birds come and go: they were fewer in the blazing heat. …. tended to come in the cooler mornings and evenings. I forgot to mention that the whole family flock of Starlings came a few days ago,and completely took over the space for the best part of an hour….running low on bird seed now :lol: :rose:

  6. Beanstew says:

    This is going to be a very valuable resource for you to look back on. Lots of people keep a garden diary – but this is just as good. I always think “Remember this”, as I am going about – but of course I never do. I should have learned….

  7. gertie says:

    We have both noticed how the months change the look of the garden Sheila, and I have a lot of learning to do about what flowers, when, and thus how to get colour throughout the changing seasons … working on it :good: :rose: Luckily I like writing and picture-making so it’s fun for me to do and I’m lucky to have this forum to inflict it upon ;-) :rose:

  8. karenp says:

    Very pretty garden Anne and that looks like hard work in this heat too, and how kind of you to cut flowers for the little girls, am sure they’ll always remember this when grown up and with their own gardens too :good:
    Love the photo with the different birds on the table as it always makes me smile when you see them together looking at each other suspiciously :cute: :love:

  9. gertie says:

    Thanks Karen … I always remember my Granddad’s Garden [as I have said many times before …sorry to be repetitive :disappointed: ]
    He let me have a posy of the sweet scented flowers whenever I wandered around the little paths of his tiny, garden, when we visited Him and Granny in Romford. It was a joy to me then, and something I can emulate now, even when I sometimes think..”Oh Anne, leave them in the garden!” They always come back flowering with more don’t they :lol: :rose:
    As for the birds :lol: Dom and I find them very amusing at times, and heart-warming too sometimes. Yesterday two Collared Doves were sitting at the feeding station totally ignoring me as I wandered about watering, and one was so small, I think that it was an offspring from those two that visited some months before :-) :rose:

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