GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week Three …

GGDiary for July, 2018 … Week Three …

Leaning over the balcony at a crazy angle gives the impression that GG is on a slope downhill … nope! … R-to-L we go uphill!

Those two photos were taken on Bastille Day. At 04.30 the next morning the sky already promised a scorcher! I watered GG and did nowt else there … too hot!

Luckily for us it was World Cup Final Day and we were able to see France win and be presented with the Cup in pouring rain on a football pitch in Russia!

… Oh, but I digress! With constant attention in the often overbearing heat, two little plants given to me by a friend, a pepper, and a tomato, were doing well.

Outside, in GG,  the young Goldfinches learnt to wait patiently for their turn at the feeder, which frequently ran out of Niger seeds, and needed topping up.

On the 16th I saw, for the first time of days following,  a Speckled Wood butterfly which had to be rescued from the Glassroom. I managed to lure it outside eventually, perched on my garden-grubby fingers, where a young, and quite tame Collared Dove came to the GG feeders with its parents.

In continuing heat [and having been warned off because of previous nose-bleeds!] garden watching became ‘the Thing’ rather than gardening! A big family of Magpies clatters quite often into the Holly tree, and amongst its members is a young one, easily identified by white feathers around its eyes.

The pirates like flying into the new gardens at the back and cavorting with pigeons, who seem totally unperturbed by their noisy intruders.

That was on the 17th. The following day, they ran riot over the roof tops next door. An early dawning light in a cloudy sky had looked promising, [for rain perchance?]  but it seems that weather promises this year are for breaking.

It was, of course, the same raucous family of pirates that were intent on making themselves heard and at home in the neighbourhood: …..

… the new, young one,  easily recognisable by the white markings around its eyes.

In GG Dame de Court Rose is making a renewed effort to bloom beautifully … and the Clematis by Dom’s shed blooms ever higher.


By the 20th my excitement with the Tumbling Tom tomato plant had been dashed…either I over-fed it or it is suffering from the heat …. am very sad.

I wonder when we shall get some decent Summer rain!

Anne  ….. Week three July, 2018

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  1. Love your descriptions of the magpies, Anne – pirates indeed :good:

  2. VegVamp says:

    Lovely photos Anne, and yes, Pirates is a perfect name for them. :lol:

  3. Allan says:

    That’s the best way to look at my garde Anne,From a two stotyn window, Looking good with you ,Other than the tomato, :rose:

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Allan :rose:
      :lol: I feel a bit guilty when i water it each day, but hey, it provides extra good air in a busy, motor-filled environment and that must be okay.
      We often watch the birds from the window upstairs, and I did try a view from collated roof pictures too, but I have to make a better one :good: :rose:

  4. Tubs says:

    Always enjoy your garden, Your tumbling tom, when I grew them years ago I had it in a large hanging basket so it tubbled down all around the basket it was not grown as a cordon. So perhaps it did not like being a cordon.The shoots between the leaves are left to grow in this variety I think.. If you google it there is an example

  5. Walt says:

    Your garden is very nice indeed. ‘Tubs’ is correct re: ‘Tumbling Tom’. Do not remove the side shoots, just grow it in a basket or pot and let it tumble.

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you too Walt … I have clearly tortured the poor plant beyond tolerance, pinching out precious side shoots and staking the poor thing! :-( :disappointed: oh dear … but it’s been a lesson i won’t forget…thanks :rose:

  7. cilla says:

    It is interesting looking down on your garden Anne. You are lucky that your goldfinches eat Niger seeds, mine won’t look at them in favour of sunflower hearts which are much more expensive :-( I didn’t know that about white feathers round the young magpie’s eyes, thank you for that :good: That rose is a beauty :-)

  8. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla … I didn’t know that the Gold finches like Sunflower hearts. I thought they preferred Niger seeds which seem pretty expensive to me anyway :lol: … We stocked up with a 12 kilo bag of them recently, which I have divided and stored in sealed containers to keep fresh, as it was cheaper that way.
    I thought that the white feathers around the Magpie’s eyes were an aberration, but you may have hit on something; maybe it is to identify the young ones and goes as they mature.Must do some research…thanks for that :good: :rose:
    I love Dame de Court, such a beautiful rose. This bush is over 40 years old and I am desperate to keep it going :excruciating: :-) :rose:

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