August can be a boringly quiet month so I Googled Derbyshire gardens and came across this place. What a little gem it is, too.TomTom took us a very scenic route “over the tops” with lovely scenery and much greener fields than we have at the moment……and lambs suckling as well as calves, they seem late. Anyway, I digress. Here is the first view of the driveway and hall.

We found the restaurant and took our drinks on to the terrace which looked out over the gardens.

We paid our dues which was only £7 as I had my Gardener’s World 2 for 1 card and set off. We looked out over the veggie garden but left tht until last and went to the orchard to look at the fountain which is being restored to its former glory.

Following the map we walked along the Ladies Walk which was planted with agapanthus, garnet penstemon, hidcote lavender, aconitum and alchemilla mollis.

From here we skirted the water gardens and marvelled at this rock arch and the view beyond.

Following a path with more views of the garden we found the terrace in front of the hall (the hall is not open to the public). A glass extension had been built which housed a swimming pool!

Another view of the house and a rather cheeky urn!

That was the summerhouse and the new knot garden which we were very impressed with. Swathes of stipa tenuissima interspersed with salvias, other grasses, geums, alliums and columnar golden yews. The movement was lovely. Moving on to the Italian garden.

Next we walked down to the water gardens, the bowling green lawn…..which was not very green and the koi karp lake which was much depleted but full enough for the fish, we were assured.

After crossing a stone bridge at the end of the pool we walked upwards and found ourselves back on the path to the scented terrace and vegetable garden which were gorgeous.

We thought this table and arrangement was brilliant….one of the gardeners told us it was his old kitchen table’

The plant sales area was too tempting for words. They propagate everything themselves…….just four gardeners, lovely friendly, knowledgeable lads. The prices were very reasonable…..which is why we came away with quite a few plants which probably won’t get planted until November if we don’t get more rain! Some more unusual plants too.

We were really impressed with this place and they had a lovely restaurant and terrace too. We shall be returning. The owner of the hall, Jim Harrison, runs a brewery in nearby Bakewell and so we called in there and OH bought some of their beer. Bakewell was heaving so we drove to Darley Dale and stopped at a little Garden Centre that we know and had ginger and lemon scones with a welcome cup of tea. A lovely day out indeed.


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  1. gertie says:

    Certainly was lovely Cilla :good: I love the blue blossoms along Ladies’ Walk and the views thro’ the peep-hole rock archway …. and the waving grasses. Sometime I think it would be so lovely to have a big, big garden space….. I shall certainly have lots ‘n’ lots of Marigolds next season too :good: Thank you for that. :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    Wow Cilla, a gem of a place indeed, loved that the use of very formal and informal planting and design and particularly liked the summer house and knot garden. But the veg garden, oh my word, I’d kill dead things for that. :love: And all done by just 4 gardeners? Blimey, they don’t half earn their keep! Thank you petal, I really enjoyed my “visit” with you. :rose: :clover:

  3. cilla says:

    We loved it Karen and photos never really capture the colours and perspectives. You would kill dead things for the plants on sale ;-)

  4. cilla says:

    Thank you Karen. We did have to take the their trolley to the car :lol: ……and, of course, they are all stuck in pots as you need a pick axe to get in to the ground!!!

  5. Wow, Cilla, what a fab place and OH will be impressed that you searched out the brewery beer :lol: Love the way you sort your priorities – find the restaurant first, then take the drinks to the terrace… :good: And yes, 4 gardeners only – amazing. Hope they get to use the swimming pool out of hours ;-)

  6. Beanstew says:

    Can’t imagine the wealth required to maintain a place like this so well – must be bags of money in breweries! I really wished I could be there when reading this and looking at your photographs which were splendid.

  7. Hayley says:

    Oh Cilla, I do love your rambling rumbling tales! What a gem indeed you have shared with us. I can’t believe only 4 gardeners?? I’m guessing maybe a host of volunteers too? Fabulous pics too :love:

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