prize marrow

its not all doom and gloom down the allotments this season with all what’s been happening

because my wife had fist prize for the biggest marrow at the local horty show as I was unable to attend this year because ill health my wife and our friend entered the marrow

when I see her come through the kitchen door with a big grin all over her face I thought I bet she won and yep our marrow got first place

many people said what are you going to do with that marrow compost it no my wife replied we are going to eat it

eat it they replied how do you cook marrow my wife explained there where many ways to cook and enjoy marrow

we eat and enjoy all the squashes including pumpkin and butternut squash

its all good  home grown wholesome food to me




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  1. gertie says:

    Wow Roly … impressive :good: It’s been a horrid year in so many ways with illnesses, but you and your wife have won through with a marrow of all things …who would have thought it … brilliant :lol: … congratulations :love: : I do hope that you are feeling better now and totally on the mend :clover: :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    Well done Roly and Mrs Roly! What a great result. :good: Why would anyone consider not eating marrow, pumpkin or squash! What a daft attitude. ;-) As you say, it’s all good home grown food. :good:

  3. roly says:

    morning to you
    what lovely replies you’ve made my day and you know its all about our eating habits these days because we where brought up to eat all vegetables that became available in the seasons

    so its no wonder the younger generation rely don’t know how to prepare or cook squash or know the health benefits of eating squashes my wife makes a lovely pumpkin soup just the ticket on a cold winters day after being outdoors with a nice crusty roll

    and stuffed marrow with a nice beef mince filling a few onions and a couple of veg to complement it is that good or what well it beats egg and chips for me :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    Totally agree Roly … love veg and hoping to join the crop growers in the group with some next season with the new ‘sunny bed’ I have created at the far end of the garden, which has glorious sunshine throughout the day now that the dear ole Sycamore has gone :disappointed: Looking forward to squash soup made from my own-grown squashes :lol:
    For now, have to buy marrows and Butternut squashes which is seeming more and more ridiculous as I read people’s successes on here :lol: It will be a big learning curve for me but I will have a bash :good: :rose:

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